Friday, April 16, 2021


The Good Son

Mother remembers son killed in bike accident Michael Nattoo - Staff Reporter “I’d rub his head or his back every night before he went to sleep....

‘Ben Dung’ still active but fewer sales

Several decades ago, ‘Ben Dung’, located in the Charles Gordon Market in Montego Bay, was the place many people would go to get some of the...

Manning’s School Scholar Cops 13 CSEC Subjects

High achiever, Geri-Ann Miller, has made her school and family proud, having secured 13 Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) subjects, including 12 grade ones,...

See Better. Learn Better: Principals’ Perspectives

This week, the Western Mirror caught up with some of the schools who have been a part of the See Better. Learn Better programme,...

Frederick Kelly: CUMI’s testament of hope for the mentally ill

Early one morning in 2002, Frederick Kelly left home in St. James and set out to work on a construction site in St. Ann, as he did many mornings before. This morning, however, was different. He suffered a mental breakdown and for weeks, or possibly months, he roamed the streets, eventually making his way to St. James. To this day, he has never returned home.

How two homeless people found love

Often, the stories of people falling in love are littered with clichés – seeing someone across the room, or all of a sudden seeing an old friend in a new light, etc. They are many, as they are forgetful. But not the story of the Sheryl Johnson and Evan Tavares. Before the two found the love that would see them being married for over 7 years now, they were both roaming the streets of Montego Bay as homeless persons, unaware that the February of 2012 would see them tying the knot and living on their own, off the streets of the Western City.

Jinorri Wilson’s steps to success

Rashaun Stewart - Summer Intern Hailing from the community of Mount Salem in Montego Bay, Jinorri Wilson has secured eight subjects in this year’s iteration...

Dying to breathe

A resident of Ramble, Hanover, Anna Kay explained to the Western Mirror that after her mother died three years ago, she fell ill, and realized that she started having difficulties breathing. She was subsequently taken to the Cornwall Regional Hospital for diagnosis and treatment, where she first learnt of what had been affecting her.

Adrian Rhoden’s Journey to Nine Ones

written by: Rashaun Stewart The 2019 iteration of the Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) has brought much elation to seventeen-year-old Adrian Rhoden. A student of...

Solar ‘Raving For Charity’

The organizers of Solar All-Inclusive Breakfast Party are doubling their efforts for the sixth edition of the event with a view of surpassing the one-million-dollar donation made to Cornwall Regional Hospital from the last staging.

Salem’s Champion Boy

• Cops 5 ones in CAPE • Seeking funding to pursue medicine Basking in the feat of his latest academic milestone, eighteen-year-old Rashaun Stewart is...

Denise Brown: Shipping guru in the making

Prior to joining the Sandals Resorts International family as the Group Shipping Clerk, Denise Brown had worked in Purchasing at another resort. She thought she had mastered the art of coordinating and navigating the many intricacies of purchasing and shipping, but it wasn’t until her journey with Sandals began in 2015 that she tapped into her true potential in the field and realized there was much more to learn.

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