Tio-Josh Mowatt

One in a long line of ‘Men of Might’, Tio-josh Jovon Mowatt, formerly of Barracks Road Primary, is a focused young man with great aspirations and a constant desire to always do well while climbing the ladder of success, striving for glory while remaining grounded.

A born and raised resident of Wales Pond District in Southern, St. James, Mowatt is a super track and field athlete at the famed Cornwall College and focuses Discuss throwing, an event he hopes to one day be great at.

Tio-josh, the reigning Western Championship Class 1 Discuss champion, is looking to significantly enhance his prospects of one day becoming a professional athlete having accepted a scholarship to attend Cloud County Community College in Kansas.

Tio-Josh, who will celebrate his 18th birthday come Monday, June 14, was born to parents Allegra and Junior Mowatt. He revealed to the Western Mirror in his interview, that should his ambition of becoming a top class athlete fails, becoming a counselor or a motivator would be the next career he looks at strongly.

He is the second and last child for his beloved parents and rules under the Gemini zodiac sign.

He is expected to leave the shores of Jamaica in August to take up the scholarship in Kansas in the United States where he will be doing Social Sciences. Tio-josh, who has a personal best throw of 50.10 metres, a feat he achieved at the Western Championships just over two-and-a-half months ago, is hoping to spend 2-years at the College before moving on.

The upper six student, with a giant physique told the Western Mirror his aspirations are to one day become a professional thrower, “overall I just want to be a motivator and make an impact in society, letting someone who’s pursuing the path to success understand that anything you put your mind to and work at hard at, with God in the middle, it can come to pass”.

Tio-josh already knows the feeling of both defeat and winning as he has had a taste of both during his time as an athlete. Following his dazzling heights of success in the Western Championships he then placed eighth at the ISSA Boys and Girls Championships last month (May).

Already,thrice bettering his distance this year, Tio-josh, a young lad who enjoys playing pool, singing, counseling and motivating others, is looking to achieve great things while at Cloud County and even further improve himself.

Tio-josh reveals he also really enjoys making quotes on his quote page, playing the drums and making others laugh.
The young man who says he was introduced to the sport of Discuss throwing by David Beadle, says he has been involved in track and field now for only 4-years, but admits it has been some of the best years, as he has grown in every aspect.

Tio-josh echoes the sentiments of many across the world on the handicap and severe push back covid-19 has had on him.”Covid made this season very hard for me, but I tried my best to put in extra work and to motivate myself in order to push on and eventually get a scholarship, so basically it didn’t turn out so bad after all,” he added.


Ques: What is your favorite quote?
Ans: It’s a quote I made up for myself, “Even if life doesn’t give us the gift we want, we still have the greatest gift ever and that’s life”.

Ques: Which local thrower do you admire?
Ans: Have to be Travis Smikle

Ques: Who is your preferred team member?
Ans: My friend David Beadle

Ques: Who motivates you?
Ans: I would have to say, Trent Shelton, Prince Ea, my mother and myself. They all keep me on a straight path, give me good guidance and always find ways to make me feel assured, confident and having a purpose.

Ques: How tall are you?
Ans: A good 6”

Ques: What is your favorite meal?
Ans: I love ackee and salt fish, served up with dumplins

Ques: What is your favorite drink?
Ans: Mango passion Squeeze

Ques: What is your color of choice?
Ans: My color is red

Ques: Do you have a favorite movie?
Ans: Definitely, Coach Carter and Pursuit of Happiness

Ques: Do you watch or even play any other sport than track and field?
Ans: Yes, love watching football and wrestling, and that’s because they both bring a vibe and they are real fun

Ques: Who is your person to talk sports with?
Ans: That would have to be my friend David Beadle

Ques: To date what would you say has been your most memorable moment in the sport
Ans: That would definitely be the recent (2021) Western Championships held at St. Elizabeth Technical, it was one of my best performances, yet with the Discuss in hand, I won the event was crowned champion and also threw a personal best mark.

Ques: What’s the most used App on your phone?
Ans: WhatsApp and Instagram are my two favorite Apps to use on my phone

Ques: What is your favorite venue to perform?
Ans: that would have to be STETHS

Ques: Which international star other than your own Jamaican do you love to see in action?
Ans: Daniel Stahl and Reggie Jagers

Noelita Lawrence-Ricketts


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