Nathan Robb

The Jamaican Senate last Friday paid tribute to attorney-at-law Nathan Robb of Montego Bay, who succumbed to a stroke two days earlier.

Recognizing his passing, batch mate at law school Senate President, Tom Tavares-Finson noted that Robb was a president of the Montego Bay Chamber of Commerce and that “He was a fixture in the Western Bar and the Western Bar Association.” He expressed condolences on behalf of the entire Senate to the family, closing with the words, “and we note his departure from this mortal toil.”

Senator Janice Allen, who is from St. James, said “Montego Bay has certainly lost a giant in many ways.” She too recognized Robb as one who had always been a fixture in Montego Bay.

Senator Allen spoke of him as “someone who contributes in just about every respect. He has been a mentor, a Cornwallian without reservation, a ‘Man of Might’, and his contribution in the practice of law is noted, and his mentorship of young attorneys is even more noted in Montego Bay.”

She added, “It is a loss not only to the city the but to western Jamaica and also a loss to our families as we shared much in common … We’re grateful for his contribution, we’re grateful for what he has set as an example in Montego Bay to not just lawyers but to good, strong men, good fathers, good family men, and he will be missed.”

Nathan Robb was also held in high esteem by the legal fraternity. President of the Cornwall Bar Association, Lambert Johnson spoke glowingly of him as being “astute, honest and upright”.

Mr. Johnson said of his good friend. “He saw himself as a mentor to young counsel. He was committed to the growth of the Cornwall Bar as an association and so he was generous with his time, his effort and his thought as it related to the development of the Cornwall Bar.”

In the world of business and commerce, current president of the Montego Bay Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Janet Silvera also highlighted, Robb’s honesty.

She had this to say: “He was a no-nonsense person and honest. In fact, probably one of the most honest persons I’ve ever met; man of integrity, credibility and he was very dedicated to the city of Montego Bay. He had a commitment that I have not seen in many other persons. For Nathan Robb, his life revolved around the city of Montego Bay and Montego Bay’s development and that is why he made an impact when he was president of the Montego Bay Chamber of Commerce and Industry.”

Former Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, Lloyd B. Smith, himself a past president of the MBCCI had this recollection of Nathan Robb: “First of all, he was very passionate about Montego Bay development, especially in terms of the infrastructure, as well as how the populace should be treated by central and local government. During his tenure as chamber president, this came to the fore as he was always up front, and sometimes very fiercely so in terms of advocating the best for the city which I am sure he loved and wanted to see better for.”

And, having shared the same alma mater with its proud colours, Mr. Smith said “as a Cornwallian he had red and gold in his blood. He was one of those fervent Cornwallians who was always involved with the old boys’ association, always seeking out ways to see what he can do to help the institution, so undoubtedly one could say he was an asset to his alma mater.”

Businessman Ashton Russell, though a senior student to Nathan Robb at Cornwall College, had a good rapport as old boys. Mr. Russell recalled that “Natty”, as he was labelled at Cornwall, also served as chairman of the school’s board of governors and was “always a fair, honest, straightforward type of person.”

His witticism was always featured at old boys’ monthly luncheons and annual dinners and he used it to good advantage to extract fines for the association’s coffers.

In addition to his work as Partner in the firm of Clark Robb & Co, Nathan Robb was involved in several extra-curricular activities, including being a founding member of Summerfest Productions, which staged Reggae Sumfest. He is also recognized by the University of the West Indies for his “lifelong journey” with the arts and Jamaican culture, including as a performer of music and drama, artiste manager, promoter, and entertainment lawyer.

Nathaniel Robb was the son of a feared but highly respected lanky police named Sergeant Robb whose guardianship of Montego Bay was legendary. With his passing, immediate family members left to mourn include his wife Jackie and their three children, Kim Robb-Bryan, Nataline Robb-Cato and Leon Nathan Robb.

Clinton Pickering
Freelance Writer


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