In the heart of St. James, Jamaica, there is a place where hope springs eternal for the homeless. It is called the Refuge of Hope Homeless Shelter, and it provides food, shelter, and clothing for those in need.

The homeless are an often-overlooked population in society, and Refuge of Hope is one of the few organizations in the area providing care for those who need it most. Founded in 2009, the shelter has been a beacon of light for the homeless community, offering not only basic needs but also medical care, mental health support, and vocational training. There is a Memorandum of Understanding with the St. James Municipal Corporation to provide and maintain the shelter, but the day-to-day operation is solely run by the Open Heart Charitable Mission and its Board of Governors.

Refuge of Hope is an essential part of the community; it has transformed the lives of many homeless persons, providing them with the basic necessities they need to survive and helping them rebuild their lives.

Approximately 95% of the residents at the shelter are mentally challenged, and the cost of providing care for them is significantly higher than for those who are not. The mission relies solely on donations to keep its doors open.

The facility’s administration has not, however, taken the position of sitting down and saying “poor me,” but instead has taken the initiative to set up an egg-selling business and plant vegetables to feed its residents with the hope of eventually becoming self-sufficient.

The shelter is more than just a place to sleep; it is a sanctuary for those who have been cast aside by society. Let us come together to ensure that this beacon of hope continues to shine for years to come.


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