‘Top Up’ Cut Down

Ishan Rosewell, otherwise called ‘Top Up’

A feud and subsequent fight between a female bar operator and a 19-year-old man ended with the gruesome death of the man along North Lane in Montego Bay on Wednesday.

The victim is 19 year-old Ishan Rosewell, otherwise called ‘Top Up’ of Second Avenue, Flanker, in Montego Bay.

Unconfirmed reports indicate that Rosewell had visited a bar located at lower Union Street on August 5, when he allegedly became engaged in a verbal confrontation with the bartender, who is the daughter of the bar operator.

He reportedly grabbed a bottle which he used to hit her in the head and ran from the bar.

Rosewell is reported to have returned to the bar on Wednesday night where the sister of the injured bartender, who replaced her, confronted him on how he could have hit her sister, yet still had the nerve to return to the bar.

It is further alleged that he kicked her in the neck, forcing the girl’s mother, who is the bar operator, to come to her defense. At that moment, Rosewell reportedly pulled a knife, which he used to stab the woman in her head.

A tussle reportedly ensued between them and the woman wrested the knife from him and inflicted several stab wounds to his body.
Rosewell ran from the bar onto to North Lane where he fell.

The police were called and both Rosewell and the bar operator were taken to hospital, where he succumbed to his injuries.
The bar operator was treated and released.


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