Sakile Stewart
  • Mother, unborn child’s deaths a mystery

Michael Nattoo – Staff Reporter

For Romario Murray, October 12, 2020 couldn’t come soon enough. It was the day set for his 25-year-old girlfriend, Sakile Stewart, to have their first child together. However, after Stewart was admitted for a standard checkup at the Noel Holmes Hospital in Hanover, Murray, instead of making plans to be a first-time father, is now busy making plans for the funerals of both his girlfriend and unborn child, who he alleges, died as a result of negligence on the part of the hospital’s staff, after being admitted to a ward he feels has turned his life into a nightmare.

We didn’t even have the chance to try again for another one,” a mourning Murray shared with the Western Mirror.

“I lost them both – my child and my baby mother, and it all comes down to one word – negligence.”

Murray’s recollection of the events leading up to the tragedy surrounding his girlfriend and unborn child begin with his girlfriend, Sakile, making a visit to the Noel Holmes Hospital in Lucea, Hanover, for a checkup.

“At no point throughout her pregnancy was she sick or anything like that, but she decided to visit the hospital for a checkup. We thought she was just going to get a simple treatment and get discharged, but that was not the case. It turns out she had high blood pressure, so the hospital decided to admit her on Thursday (September 24, 2020),” Murray explained.

Murray revealed that even while admitted, Stewart had been in dialogue with him, keeping him abreast of what was happening to her. Her last update for him came when she indicated that she had heard some chatter from the doctors and nurses about inducing labour.

“She told me that the doctors on the ward said the reason why her pressure was so high was because of the baby, and because of that, they couldn’t let her out without inducing labour, because as long as she had the baby in her, her pressure would stay that way,” Murray shared.


Following that revelation, Murray said Stewart reached out to him again, after she was asked to sign a document at the hospital. “She said they gave her a paper to sign, but that she didn’t understand what it said or what it meant. She told me she asked a nurse, and a nurse told her it was basically about the doctors inducing labour.”

Murray visited the hospital afterwards, and was given a prescription to fill for Stewart, but after searching some five pharmacies in the Lucea area, he had no luck.

The next news Murray heard from the hospital was that Stewart had died. Though distraught, Murray held hope the hospital at least managed to save his child. He was crushed to learn that they hadn’t.

“I had some time to visit her before all of that, and around two o’ clock that day, she was doing alright. Around 3 o’ clock, she started complaining of shortness of breath, and asked if she could be moved to the Savanna-la-Mar Hospital, but was told no. After that, someone who saw her after we left said she coughed up blood, and in the blink of an eye, died.”


Now, Murray needs answers, and his mother, Almena Martin, has joined him in his quest.

“She didn’t die in labour, because when we guh visit her, she did alright, and she wasn’t in any kinda labour, so somebody need fi gi wi some answers!” exclaimed an emotional Martin, she spoke to this newsroom following that tragedy. “You mean fi tell mi seh dem couldn’t at least save di baby? You a try tell we seh di baby dead immediately as the mother dead? Dat nuh soun’ right and we need answers!”

Martin also revealed that when they were called to identify Stewart, she was already wrapped up in a white cloth and tagged. She further shared that when they asked why the child couldn’t be saved, she was allegedly told no doctors were available to perform a C-section.

It was revealed to the Western Mirror that Murray, Stewart’s brother and another family member, were called to a hospital for a meeting following what happened, but they left with no new information.

“They called us for a meeting, but it sounded more like they were wishing us condolences. We got no answers to explain what happened to Sakile and our unborn child,” Murray pointed out.

The family is calling on Minister of Health, Dr. Christopher Tufton, to investigate their case.

In the meanwhile, efforts to contact the Noel Homes Hospital proved futile up to press time.