Leonardo Forgarthy

Noelita Lawrence-Ricketts

He bears a striking resemblance to his late father, a main reason football has been a part of his DNA since birth and true to the skills and talent of his late dad this gifted footballer, named after one of the world’s great, is poised to go places with stardom not far off. He was given the name Leonardo Armando Fogarthy.
Now a student on the register at Northern Oklahoma College in the United States, where he earned a full scholarship, Fogarthy, described as a very private individual and born March 7, 1999 is a quiet aspiring footballer with the world at his feet.
A resident of the crime stricken community of Salt Spring in Montego Bay, St. James, Fogarthy, not one to talk a lot, told the Western Mirror he has two younger sisters and is the first child for both his mother and late father.
A humble person and one who prefers to be at hone relaxing when he’s not on the football field, Fogarthy started school life at Faith Basic School, from where he left to attend Chetwood Memorial Primary. From there he gained a pass to the Hanover–based Rusea’s High School where he went on to stamp his class as a talented and very gifted footballer.
While there, the lethal striker did not only exhibit talents of a footballer, but was equally comfortable in his book work, attaining five CXC subjects. The young man with a quiet demeanor revealed he is in the process of completing an Associate Degree in Business Administration, doing his final year of studies.
Fogarthy, described as a goal machine, one day hopes to showcase his talent on the world stage, playing in Europe, has firmly targeted becoming a Professional football player, once he completes his education.
Involved physically in the game of football from an early age, Fogarthy told the Western Mirror during his sit down that he started playing and taking the game seriously since he was in the fourth grade.
Quizzed about the effects COVID-19 has had on him Fogarthy said it has impacted him in a very negative way. “It has slowed me down significantly, a lot of things I had planned have now been put on hold, most of those plans I will now have to carry out at a far later date”, he said..
But the young man, who has plyed his trade with Wadadah and former Premier League winners Montego Bay United says COVID has also been a positive impact as well…. “ The absence of sports and football in particular, has made me figure out a lot more about my life, what I can do and focus on, where I would like to be and what I want to achieve in the future”, Fogarthy added.
The 22 year-old, also spoke of the impact losing his father has had on his life…”losing my father had a significant amount of impact on my life, as it gave me the drive to keep what he had done alive and try to even take it further than he had. I lost my dad at a very young age before I understood much. And outside of football I
I never heard an awful lot about him so when it most impacted me was only during moments being on the soccer field”.
However, despite losing my dad I was able to live a decent childhood, filled with fun, being happy and sharing great moments with my mother and other family members. Losing my dad impacted my life mostly football wise and was what gave me the drive to do the things I have done in the sport,” he divulged.


Ques: What is your favorite meal?
Ans: Barbecue chicken with anything
Ques: What’s your favorite color?
Ans: That would be blue, every man love blue
Ques: Do you have an all time best movie?
Ans: Yes… all of the Marvel movies
Ques: Who would you say motivates you?
Ans: Definitely my family and my girlfriend
Ques: How tall are you?
Ans: 5’ 10”
Ques: Which English Premier League team do you support?
Ans: My team is Liverpool and my player of choice is Steven Gerrard
Ques: During the World Cup, which is your team?
Ans: England is the team I support and again, though he’s not playing again, Gerrard is my player to watch
Ques: Do you watch any other sport than football?
Ans: Yes!! Am a sports fan….I watch American Football, mostly NFL
Ques: Who is your player to talk sports with?
Ans: None…..I mostly talk sports at home with my family, they are very knowledgeable of all sports overall, mainly football
Ques: Who is your favorite local official?
Ans: Dwayne Harding ‘Fishhead’, he is easy going and always allows the play to flow….only blows for over the top tackles and that’s a good trait to have as an official
Ques: What has been your most memorable match to date?
Ans: The 2017 da’Costa Cup final against Clarendon College where as the underdogs we came away worthy winners, upsetting the form book and being crowned champions.., I also had a solid game for Rusea’s that day and scored infront of a jam packed crowd which included family members and friends, so it was a special day for me personally. It was also overwhelming and brought out a few emotions as my father also donned the ‘Russian’ colors and guided them to titles.
Ques: Which is your favorite venue to play?
Ans: the Montego Bay Sports Complex (Catherine Hall)
Ques: What is your mode of dress?
Ans: I’m not the one to get dressed up, unless it’s totally necessary. 90% of the time I’ll be T-shirt, short and slippers.
Ques: What’s the most used App on your phone?
Ans: whatsapp
Outside of playing football, Fogarthy says he enjoys spending time with his family and girlfriend as well as watching TV.


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