A Marcus Garvey monument has been unveiled in Garvey Square in Norwood, St. James.

The monument, which took six months to build, was unveiled on February 24.

Clive McIntosh, President of the Hands and Hearts Foundation, said the initiative was started in Norwood, as the community “is seen as a depressed community and we want to change that stigma. We want to make persons on the outside realize there are talented people here (and) there are good citizens here.”

As a result, the Hands and Foundation formed a group that set out to change the culture, as some of them are still living in the community.

McIntosh said, “We are looking forward to bigger things, and this is just the beginning of it.”

Senior Project Officer of JSIF, Stephen Sinclair, announced that the Fund would also be involved in other projects in Garvey Square such as a gazebo, sports complex, and the Norwood integrated infrastructure project.

During the unveiling ceremony, several performances were given to the audience, including a dub poem by the Norwood community children and music from a group of Rastafarians and a band called Moonlight. The spectators were also treated to a dance by the group, Zurielamaka as well as a motivational speech by Miguel ‘Steppa’ Williams and a music performance by Tony Melody.

Notwithstanding the plans by JSIF, Councilor of the Montego Bay Central Division, Joshua Cummings, recalled the history of Marcus Garvey Square and where it is going.


“I know where this square is coming from. It was an area with dirt and rock and track, and for us to pave roads now with sidewalks and even now a square in the name of Marcus Garvey, it’s a powerful vision for the people of Norwood.” His plans for Norwood include “paving the road from Garvey Square to Columbus Pen. We have done some barbagreen roads (and) we have done two bus stops and have another two to go. We are really trying to transform the community.”

However, he notes that Norwood is having a problem with getting water into the community, and he aims to try and solve this issue.

“Very soon, VINCI will be coming in and helping out with the water project (it’s) a very big company from France, and they are intended to come in further down in the year so we can satisfy the people.”

Additionally, the councilor for the Montego Bay Central Division said he is assisting some residents to join the NWC’s system.

“Just today I spoke with the regional manager at NWC to submit some names. So he’s going to come and look at the area. JSIF also aims to build a sports complex, and that section doesn’t have any water … so they (NWC) have intended to put water up to that section,” said Cummings.

According to Councilor Cummings, other social intervention initiatives have included sports and quizzes with the goal of teaching the youth in the neighborhood to appreciate one another.


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