Dale Hylton

Grief and dismay rocked the little known community of Croucher Mountain at Roehampton, in South St. James, leaving residents reeling after a brother brutally slew his younger brother, when a dispute between them Thursday morning turned deadly.

The dead man has been identified as 28-year-old Dale Hilton, otherwise called ‘Leighton’ unemployed of Croucher Mountain, while on the run is his 33-year-old brother, Kevin McLeod, otherwise called ‘Puss Man’ of the same address.

Reports are that about 8:30 am on Thursday, Hilton and McLeod became embroiled in a heated battle, at which point McLeod is alleged to have accused Hilton of molesting goats.

McLeod is alleged to have become further enraged when his brother responded and pulled machete, which he used to chop Hilton in the neck.

A resident of the community said she came to the scene after she heard the quarrel, citing that McLeod at that time panicked and shouted, “Unu come help me carry him go a hospital before him dead.”
However, no one responded, and he fled into nearby bushes.

The body was later taken to the morgue.

The police have since launched a manhunt for McLeod.

Barrington Flemming – Staff reporter



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