Ancel P entertains with his piano recently, much to the amusement of children who recently visited Roots Bamboo in Negril on one of their beach trips.

Michael Nattoo/Alan Lewin

The State of Public Emergency, while its effects are far-reaching, has not quite had a dampening effect on Bambooze On The Beach in Negril. This lively spot, where patrons can find a wide range of entertainment options, continues to be a beacon of creativity, and operator, Nickesha Kozer, knows this. “Sales have been the same, and the environment has been the same. People still come out to have drinks and eat and have a good time,” she shared.

Ancel Powell, longtime entertainer in the Negril area, has also been consistently keeping the spirit of entertainment alive, despite the daunting State of Emergency. In fact, he has even been more active. “I roam the hotel and show venues with my piano and I still perform. I still get to work at some of these hotels. I recently finished a gig at the Royalton, and outside of that, I’m on the beaches performing for tourists. It’s still good here,” Ancel shared.

Now, Negril is finding life in the recent boosting of daytime shows to compensate for the early closing times imposed by the State of Emergency, and people are loving it.


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