Nubian Red is an up-and-coming artiste quietly building a name for herself internationally since 2016. Nubian Red has created a new sound called JamRock which is fusion music; a true original style and a music with depth and soul. To date, Nubian Red has released three singles; What You Say, Lost Thing and Freight Train which are available on all major streaming platforms.

As an independent artiste, she is taking on the challenge of establishing her music in an unpredictable and high-risk industry.

Nubian Red is also mother to her only child, and most precious gift, Rafael. He was born in 2015 with a unique challenge; the one in a million orthopedic condition called Tibial Hemimelia, TH (of the right) which has rendered him disabled. Rafael is a child prodigy, reading at 18 months, he plays the piano, and has an incredible talent for numbers.

As a result of the rarity, historically the treatment of TH has been amputation and was the only option offered to Rafael by the medical team in Jamaica. However, modern medicine has advanced treatment that corrects the condition for full or close to full functionality of the affected limb. The challenge is availability and cost as presently there are very few medical facilities that offer the corrective treatment.

The Paley Institute in Palm Beach Florida is one such facility. The founder of the Paley Institute, Dr. Dror Paley had examined Rafael in 2016 and gave a positive prognosis for treatment with three (3) major surgeries and physical therapy. The treatment is estimated at a total of US$250,000.

The surgeries would make Rafael the first Jamaican child born with the condition to receive the modern day treatment option instead of amputation. A GoFundMe Campaign has been set up that has raised US$19,000 which has been deposited at the Paley Institute. GoFundMe Account https://www.gofundme.com/f/savingrafaelslegcampaign

For May 2021, Child’s Month the family has organized a fundraiser called Radiothon (a telethon on Radio) with various internet and free to air radio stations in Jamaica, the United States, the United Kingdom, Netherlands and Ghana.

For more information about Rafael and his condition and donate to the cause visit https://www.nubianred.com/rafawantstoplay.


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