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Community Businesses and Social Enterprise

“No first-time entrepreneur has the business network of contacts needed to succeed. An incubator should be well integrated into the local business community and have a steady...

Jamaica The Paradise

Michael Nattoo It’s been a while since we’ve settled in and simply had a conversation, and it seems you have the time now, so indulge me for a...

Of Paradise Lost

“You need a new picture,” asserts the soft-spoken Chinese Ambassador Tian Qi, in the presence of a photograph of Ruel Reid, the embattled former education minister, hanging in the boardroom of the Montego Bay Community College (MBCC). That was not the remark of a careless diplomatic. It was a command made by a self-confident, powerful and secure diplomat who came to Montego Bay with a diplomatic pouch containing a demand of the Jamaican state to ‘protect the interest of our Chinese nationals’. This message marks the beginning of a new diplomatic relationship between Jamaica and the new imperialist on the block. The Chinese have arrived!

Montego Bay Chamber challenged to defend local businesses

Today, the Chamber is neither fish nor fowl, pale and insignificant like characters in search of an author, a glorified service club, weak and ineffective, a poor and spurious replica of its former self. It has been reduced to a sycophant and a mouthpiece to assuage and stroke the ego of the ruling party.

Abortion is a woman’s right

“Any realistic vision of change must be based on the notion of empowerment of people.” - ‘The Poverty of Nations’, Michael Manley’s seventh book, published 1991

Dear Dreamer, Persistence beats Bad Timing

Michael Nattoo Jack and Rose meeting on the Titanic (fictional), Romeo and Juliet falling in love (fictional), and Gully Bop and Miss Chin (pre-split) - all shining...

Customer Service in Jamaica

Alex-Ann Green It always amazes me that Jamaicans are seen as such warm people yet that is far from the experience when trying to conduct business here. Is...

Dear Dreamer, I Hope You’ll Be Okay

Michael Nattoo “You may say I’m a dreamer, But I’m not the only one, I hope someday you’ll join us and the world will live as one.” – Imagine, John Lennon. Before anything else,...

Open Letter to Prime Minister Holness

I am disgusted. I have reached my wits end with the current administration of the Hanover Municipal Corporation. I watched the heads of this municipality...


Michael Nattoo Interesting fact: there’s a cut directly in the middle of my forehead. When I was much younger, I was playing a game of...

Holness honour-bound to fire Bobby Montague

As the JLP’s political apparatus fulminates against Peter Bunting, given his telling probing of former Science, Energy and Technology Minister, Andrew Wheatley, in Parliament...


The recent war of words between supporters of the ruling Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) and the Opposition People’s National Party (PNP) in regard to...

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