While various conspiracy theories continue to swirl inside and outside of the Opposition People’s National Party (PNP), all this is happening against the backdrop of that crushing and humiliating defeat handed down to the party in 2020 by the Andrew Holness-led Jamaica Labour Party which has an overwhelming majority in the House of Representatives.

It is no secret that disunity, a lack of sufficient financial resources and widescale disenchantment among Comrades led to that debacle.

However, discerning political analysts have successfully argued that the main reason for the PNP’s potential sojourn in the political wilderness for a long time to come rests in the harsh reality that the party has lost its way. It is in this quandary that the PNP now finds itself with hardline Comrades dubbing Golding as a “white capitalist” who should not be at the helm of a socialist party.

So where does this leave the PNP today? Amidst all this conundrum, Jamaica is desperately in need of an effective, strong and united Opposition. Left to itself, the Andrew Holness-led JLP has the capacity (if not inclination) to become increasingly corrupt and dictatorial. For Jamaica’s democracy’s sake, “Brogad” and his battalions must not be allowed to take Jamaicans for granted and have no regard for the necessary checks and balances to ensure that we live in a society that is safe and secure, truly prosperous and equitable.

To put it bluntly, Jamaica’s democratic way of life enshrined in its age-old and workable two-party system may well be in jeopardy as Comrades in a most ill-advised way fight for control of the party, without paying attention to the collateral damage to the nation’s body politic. In this regard, Golding must be told that there comes a time when every successful leader has to be ruthless. There must be a limit to his tolerance level. If the delegates have spoken in his favour, then his detractors should cease and desist.

In this vein, we are heartened to see that in the wake of the recently announced Shadow Cabinet, it would appear that the Party Leader has deliberately set out to bring all disparate factions under one umbrella. The inclusion of so-called One Party heavyweights such as Phillip Paulwell and Natalie Neita Garvey is a clear indication that Golding has smelled the coffee and is more than desirous of presiding over a united party rather than a fractious bunch of disgruntled Comrades.

Despite the many positives emanating from the Holness administration, the country is in the throes of murder, mayhem and a growing sense of hopelessness. A vibrant, focused PNP that keeps the JLP on its toes is necessary if Jamaicans are to truly have any sense of hope and salvation.