Peace Management Initiative Western on Monday, Labour Day, launched its ‘Labour of Love’ programme with the presentation of care packages to 20 needy elderly residents within the 10 communities that the PMI West currently serves in St. James. 

Reverend Richard Keane, Chairman of Peace Management Initiative West, said the organization sought to assist the needy and elderly persons within the communities that it serves by inviting the residents to come to the PMI office and receive care packages.

“Many of these persons have children but somehow they are neglected for whatever reason so we thought it good to grant some assistance to them.” The administrator of PMI West, Debbian Dalley, said the programme was conceived following research by her office which indicated that poverty and hunger were precursors to some of the crimes being committed in volatile communities in the parish.

“We recognize that if persons can be given some support to help with their families those with children or grandchildren it would go a long way in helping to alleviating So, we reached out to Food for the Poor, Grace Kennedy and other agencies who have contributed and individuals who made monetary contributions.” She indicates that the PMI had prepared 50 such packages, 20 of which were distributed at the PMI Office, citing that they would be going into the communities to make deliveries to the other needy elderly persons.

She explained that the ‘Labour of Love’ project which was launched on Monday would be a long term one that could be adjusted to respond to the needs of the citizens as they arise. The PMI currently serves 10 communities in St. James and the PMI would be seeking to expand its reach into other communities.

“So, we are seeking to engage volunteers from communities, which are not yet being served by us. These volunteers would be trained in counselling, conflict resolution and anger management and other areas so that they can be our hands and our feet within these communities. We like to call them our first responders” Dally said.