Tamara Geddes

Shamir Brown

The three females involved in the contract killing of their family member, Tamara Geddes, are slated to be sentenced on February 22 after they entered guilty pleas on Monday when they appeared in the Trelawny Circuit Court.

Nadeen Geddes, sister of Tamara, pled guilty to murder and conspiracy to murder at the first sitting of the court for the year, while her two daughters, one of whom is a minor, pled guilty to the lesser charge of misprision of a felony which means they failed to report to the authorities the actions of her mother, despite knowing what was transpiring.

Subsequent to that, both daughters, 22-year-old Shanice Ruddock and the other, who is sixteen, were offered bail in the sum of one hundred thousand dollars each with surety by presiding judge, Justice Martin Gayle. All three have been in custody since they were picked up in June by crime sleuths in the parish.

In relation to Ruddock, her attorney Ernie Smith, indicated that he will be appealing to the judge for leniency at the sentencing. “She had been set for sentencing for the 22nd of February but in the meantime, his Lordship has offered her bail of one hundred thousand dollars until the matter comes up for sentencing. I will be making a certain application to his lordship and suggestions as to what might be the most appropriate sentence to be imposed based on all the circumstances,” Smith related. He also believes fear and a respect for her mother may have played a role in Ruddock keeping silent about the matter.

However, for their mother, Nadeen Geddes, she will be facing additional sentencing after she pled guilty on another charge of conspiracy to commit murder after admitting that she planned to have the woman who killed her brother, Gregory Geddes, murdered. Her brother had been killed in 2019 following an altercation in a bar with the woman in question. That woman is now facing a charge of murder in relation to that matter.

One co-accused, Recon Knott, had the murder and conspiracy to murder charges against him dropped after the prosecution failed to provide sufficient evidence to proceed against him.

However, three others charged in the matter, Brian Shelly, Owen Irving and Tashana Young, are still to have their day in court after it was revealed that the files against them were incomplete and were therefore remanded in custody until February 22, when the matter will be called up again. They are believed to the contractors and triggerman in the proceedings.

Tamara was murdered at her home in Reserve district on June 19, 2020 in the presence of her 10-year-old daughter. Initially, it was believed to be a robbery that went awry but officers, picking up clues, realized that there was more to the case. They subsequently took into custody seven persons in relation to the matter.