Barrington Flemmings – Staff Reporter

A 14-year-old boy is now in police custody for allegedly raping his 5-year-old sister.

The boy, of a Bethel Town address in Westmoreland, was taken into custody on Tuesday after his mother took him to the police station.

Reports are that on Wednesday, January 20, the mother left her five-year old daughter in the care of an adult relative. The boy reportedly came to the relative’s house and took the child into a room where he allegedly committed the act.

The child is said to have reported the matter to her mother, who later went and made a report to the police. The little girl was subsequently taken to the Savanna-la Mar Public General Hospital where she was medically examined.

The mother took the boy to the police on Tuesday, January 26, where he was arrested and charged after he was pointed out.

Superintendent of Police in charge of Westmoreland, Robert Gordon, said this is a case of incest which will go before the court, arguing that the Child Protection and Family Services Agency, CPFSA, generally takes an interest in such a case.

“What happens to the boy will be at the discretion of the court,” he informed.

Meanwhile, Dr. Beverley Scott, Executive Director of the Family and Parenting Centre, who is a Child and Family Therapist, says it is a most difficult time for the family, which is emotionally traumatized by this situation.

“The family is in need of counseling to assist them to restore emotional stability because they have been shaken; more than they need the law to deal with the matter, they need psychological intervention. They are traumatized, both for the daughter and for the son, for obvious reasons. However, the boy, at 14, should have been able to control himself,” she shared.  

Dr. Scott notes that both children are in delicate stages of their development; the boy experiencing strong sexual urges as he undergoes puberty and the girl experiencing sexual sensitivity, becoming aware of her body parts, especially her genitals, and both need to be guided. She says this does not mean that the daughter should be smothered but counselled and properly guided to recover well from this ordeal.

She is also recommending that the boy undergo psychological assessment and counselling and be placed in the Child Diversion programme (Child Diversion” is the exercise of implementing measures for dealing with children, alleged as, accused of, or recognized as having infringed the penal law, without resorting to formal judicial proceedings). She says this should be employed as an alternative to full formal criminal procedures for the boy, to steer him in the right direction while the family recovers.