Christopher Stone

Noelita Lawrence-Ricketts

He was just getting to know his mother when she was violently snatched from his life more than a decade ago, but young Christopher Everton Anthony Stone has managed to keep himself motivated, out of trouble and is now one of Montego Bay’s most tenacious and versatile football players.

Standing just above the ground, the diminutive Stone, nicknamed ‘Jackie Chan’ and ‘Romario’, was born on July 22, 1996 to mother Bernadette Mairs, more popularly known as ‘Lorraine’ (deceased)  in the lively and never-sleeping community of Mount Salem.

Now 24 years old, Stone says he has only one sibling and is the first for his father but the only one for his late mother.

‘Jackie Chan’ who is a past student of prominent high school Rusea’s in Hanover, also spent time at St. James High and told the Western Mirror that from an early age, around 13, he had harboured thoughts of becoming an American soldier, a position he would use to safeguard his family. He says though time has seemingly ran out, he remains committed as it’s an aspiration he still thinks he can achieve.

He told this entity, “I passed my primary exams from Mount Salem Primary and Junior High for Rusea’s and spent 4 years there, Grades 7-10, before personal reasons forced me to switch, completing a year at St. James High.”

He has been around the sport of football since he was a boy, and he says though not here to physically guide him, his mother (Lorraine) remains a big influence on him playing the sport. “In all that I do, it’s like I always remember that my mother was said to be a very talented, revered and accomplished player and I always wanted to follow in her footsteps,” he noted.

He was a part of the history-achieving Hopewell team which went to the semi-finals of the Western CONFED two seasons ago, but is now on the books of Faulkland, where he’s into his second stint. He has also represented ABES, Youth in Action and once had a spell with Portmore United in the local Premier League.

An extremely versatile player who is soft-spoken and speaks with a stutter, he is capable of efficiently operating at right back, left back, forward and even as an attacking midfielder, a position he says he really expands in when he gets the chance to play there.

‘Jackie chan’ CLOSE-UP:

Ques: What is your favourite colour?

Ans: I have two actually – Red and Blue

Ques:  What’s your favourite meal to have?

Ans: Curried conch with rice and peas

Ques: Who would you say motivates you?

Ans: My motivator, I would have to say, is Theodore Whitmore (Tappa). All my life he has been encouraging me, helping to push me along. He grew up with my mother. They were good friends and he has always maintained contact with me.

Ques: Name your favourite movie.

Ans: Triple Frontier

Ques: Do you have a best friend?

Ans: Yes, his name is Tajmar Jones. We have known each other for a long time. We are from and grew up in the same community (Mount Salem)

Ques: How tall are you?

Ans: 5’4”

Ques: What’s your favourite quote?

Ans: ‘You only live once but if you do it right, once is enough.’

Ques: Which local team is your favourite?

Ans: Portmore United. I love their never-say-die attitude, as well as their professionalism

Ques: Who is your favourite English Premier League player?

Ans: Sadio Mane of Liverpool, but shockingly, I’m a Chelsea supporter

Ques: Which team do you support during the World Cup?

Ans:  Brazil

Ques: Do you play any other sport than football?
Ans: No. I am strictly a football person

Ques: Who’s your favorite player to talk sports with?

Ans: Teammate Michael McLeod

Ques: Name your favourite local official

Ans: He’s long retired, but that would have to be Steve Bucknor, former International ICC Cricket Umpire and referee  

Ques: What would say has been your most memorable moment in football to date?

Ans: Faulkland versus former National Premier League contender and champions, Montego Bay United. It stands out to me because it was such a competitive affair. I don’t remember having played so hard and having to concentrate in all my playing time. All players truly had to be at their best for the showdown which went right down to the final whistle

Ques: What are the most-used apps on your phone?

Ans: WhatsApp and Instagram

Ques: Where’s your preferred venue to play?

Ans: That would have to be Jarrett Park. It’s a legacy field. Most of the country’s best started out playing there, plus the atmosphere is always one that leaves a good feeling with you

Ques: To date, which coach has influenced your playing style?

Ans: Seba Wong, Gregory Palmer and Kenneth Watson (Treadwhite)

Stone says the ongoing impact of the Coronavirus is crippling on him in every way possible. “Financially, I’m not able to do certain things as football was my way of earning primarily and personally, it has left a toll on me, not being able to go out as often as I usually do to play and compete for honours in the sport I truly love. This pandemic has just left me sitting with nothing to do.”