Ricardo Brooks - Noelita Lawrence-Ricketts photos

The Coronavirus, which shows no signs of slowing and has left the world crippled, is ongoing and sports is among the hardest hit.

Several of the West’s brightest stars in various sporting disciplines have been left tucked at home with families and no sporting outlet. But who really are some of these persons who turned out each and every week to entertain fans and sponsors with their dazzling skills and deceptive moves in whatever sport they participate?

Today, Western Mirror Sports Desk takes a more detailed look at a man, given name Ricardo Brooks, a gifted Basketball player who is also a remarkable teacher and an exceptional motivator to those he comes in contact with, young and old.

Born on March 23, 1987, the soft-spoken educator who resides in cool and quiet parish of Trelawny, is the proud holder of a Bachelors in Physical Education and Sports.

Brooks, a lethal player, known for draining three pointers, gained his high school education at St. Elizabeth Technical High (STETHS), before moving on to GC Foster College.

Describing himself as a lover of all sports, Brooks revealed to the Western Mirror that he was inspired by a former principal who told him he could manage teaching Sports at the CSEC level.

Brooks, who met his wife back in 2010, has an almost 2-year-old son, exercises his teaching trade at the Holland High School, where he guides students in Physical Education and Integrated Science.

Brooks, who in recent years guided the Holland High boys team to the quarter finals and semi-finals of the ISSA-run Boys Basketball Competition, admits that other than his favourite, Basketball, he’s a longtime lover of Football, and admits, “I’m a Manchester United (MAN U) fan.”

Speaking on the ongoing COVID-19 virus and the impact it has had on sports worldwide, Brooks revealed to the Western Mirror that it has left him almost crippled as playing sports, Basketball in particular, is a main part of his fun.”

“This virus has caused so much pain and agony around the world. It has affected so many, and left so much uncertainty. It has caused the postponement of everything. Here, the National Basketball League, which my team, table-topping Falmouth Saints was competing in, has gotten forced back to who knows when,” he laments.

“It has also put a pause on the local Western Basketball Leagues and the playing of the games in general on an indefinite pause, so it is hard for us as players and even those who coach or whatever it is you do involving sports. Everyone has been affected significantly in some way.”
“We just can’t wait for this thing to be over, can’t wait.”

Noelita Lawrence-Ricketts