It looks like a country-wide quarantine means that even internet trolls are more bored than usual, and this state of affairs can lead to some wild rumors and rampant misinformation. Nicki Minaj and Kenneth Petty’s relationship was subject to extreme gossip even before everyone became extra desperate for entertainment, but now it seems one Nicki fan took the rumor-starting into their own hands by tricking the internet into believing the couple had parted ways.

A Twitter account that claims to be both a Nicki Minaj fan page and troll account claimed a close friend of Kenneth’s confirmed the break-up on Instagram Live, but now the statement has been retracted, and the person behind the account has admitted to making the entire thing up.

The Twitter user, whose handle is “@ChunClit”, originally posted a short clip of a woman laughing hysterically with the caption, “KENNY’S FRIEND WAS JUST ON LIVE AND SAID KENNY AND NICKI BROKE UP.” Despite not appearing to be a credible source, the internet ran with this new information, and articles began popping up everywhere about the couple calling it quits. The same Twitter account went on to share one of these articles with the caption, “the way I started this rumor at 5 am cuz I was bored and now they writing articles about it”.

According to a Page Six source, Nicki Minaj and Kenneth Petty are still together. These things have a way of coming out eventually so time will tell what’s true and what’s false. Nevertherless, the “Barbie Tingz” rapper has been off social media and has not spoken publicly on this new rumor.

It is an especially easy time to spread believable rumors about Nicki and her boo, especially because the rapper has been silent on social media for over a month. The last legitimate update about the couple came when Petty was arrested for failing to register as a sex offender in California due to his past criminal charges, and he was later fitted with an ankle monitor.

Nicki Minaj continued to post pictures and videos with her new husband after the incident, but now her absence from social media has fans wondering if the couple is experiencing marital issues behind closed doors.