The residence shared by Phillip and Shalema Reid before last weekend's tragedy. KT photo
  • Aston in shock as husband kills wife then self

Barrington Flemming – Staff Reporter

Another domestic-dispute-turned-deadly, has left the usually quiet community of Aston in Westmoreland still reeling in shock, days after Friday’s double tragedy which saw 45-year-old farmer, Phillip Reid, bludgeoning his 29-year-old wife, Shalema Reid, to death, then taking his own life.

Initial reports from the Darliston police are that about midday on Friday, Reid, who is also called ‘Wolf’, and his wife, had a dispute, at which time he reportedly used a mortar stick to hit her in the head.

The wounded woman reportedly ran from the house and collapsed along the roadway, bleeding from her head. She was rushed to the Savanna-la-Mar Hospital, where she later succumbed to her injuries.

Reid is said to have ran from the house into nearby bushes, where he allegedly ingested what appeared to be gramoxone. He was later found and rushed to hospital where efforts to resuscitate him failed. 

Marcia Green, Shalema’s mother, said despite the fact that he had threatened to kill her before, and her daughter having gone to report it at the police station, she was still in shock because she did not believe he would do it.

“I can’t believe he did something like that. I know he had it in his intention, but he would return and say me not doing har any ting man mi love mi wife.”

Green said they had their squabbles and it was in his intention to kill her.


 “He wanted to kill her just because she wanted to work.  She did her course and was just about ready to go to the Montego Bay Freezone and work. This was six months ago. He made a sharp thing longer than an ice pick to kill her. She was living at the house with him but was in fear so I went and took her to my house here to stay.”

She related that while she was getting ready for work Shalema was washing clothes and decided to go to the marital home at Aston to collect some things she had left there.

Green said it was while she was at work; her son came to tell her that there was a murder at Ashton.

“I went to Aston then to the hospital and when I went there, I was told by the doctors that they did all they could but she could not make it because she was bleeding profusely from the head and it would not stop, so she died,” she said.  

She said the family is totally traumatized and has been able to cope so far with the help of family and friends and the support of the church.

Green said Shalema’s three sons, ages 14, 8 and 5 (the elder two not for her husband) are crying all the time.

 Meanwhile, a good friend of Reid for more than 25 years, Oswin Gray, said:

“We were very close – we have been friends for more than 25 years. If I am leaving my home, I would invite him to stay with my smaller children until I return. He was very friendly and loving in the community –everyone young and old. To be honest, we never knew he was having problems in the marriage.”