Falmouth's Water Square

It will be a gloomy Christmas for some vendors in the growing tourism town of Falmouth, Trelawny, as Mayor of Falmouth, Councillor Colin Gager, says the Municipal Corporation would not be tolerating any form of vending, especially in the historic Water Square.

“This year, we are putting effort in the town of Falmouth where we will be lighting all trees, and all the palm trees will be decorated as well, so the town will come alive. We have to take a stand in protecting Water Square. We are now undertaking a project to paint the curbs, ensuring that the place is clean.  We will be planting trees and we want it to remain a walk-through town.”

Mayor Gager says the Christmas tree lighting ceremony is slated for December 11, with tours of schools set for December 17 when gifts will be distributed to children.

Mayor Gager says with the improvement of the aesthetics of the town, they would not be abale to accommodate any form of vending, but he expects some push back from the vendors.

“We are expecting pushback as people will always want to break rules, but we hope they understand that we cannot allow this. So we are working closely with the police and we will deploy additional municipal wardens that will come out and help to keep the place intact,” he explained.

He said operators of businesses have also been complaining that the entrances to their establishments are being blocked by vendors, which has proven bad for business as it keeps away their customers. He says he hopes that this will be averted this Christmas season.”