Singjay Devarro

His mother christened him Sheldon Rashford ,but now he is known by many as Devarro. Despite not being born in Montego Bay Devarro came to live in Montego Bay just over seven years ago, and is now comfortable with his music career since relocating.

The Seaforth Town High past student who hails from St Thomas was quick to point out that while at school he used to beat the desk to make music to accompany his singjay style as the students gathered around him and request a ‘forward’. He idolized ‘Bounty Killa’ as his favourite artiste while growning up and hopes one day to make it big as he has ,or even bigger even to the point of winning a Grammy award.

Watching his uncle deejay around the sound system was an enojayble experience for him with his uncle predicting that one day he too would be a big star in music. Now things seem to be shaping up for him as he is now under the Denise Smith managed After Dark Entertainment Record Label.His first song is called ‘Hunt For The Chedda” with others to follow such as ‘Mobay Anthem ,and ‘Party Hard,Those songs were while under the name Spen Shell.

For his new label he has now released ‘Get Gal Easy, and Clean Every Day. Coming this Sunday October 27 he will be shooting a video for the song Clean Every Day for his After Dark Label, at various locations in Montego Bay. And many predict that he will be a force to be reckoned with in the music business. ‘I want to thank all the people who supported me over the years in my music career since living in Montego Bay. Thanks to Denise Smith from After Dark promotion my management team who have a lot of faith in me. ,said Devarro.