Tess and Brandon

Michael Nattoo – Staff Reporter

Last Wednesday, we revealed that Jamaican songbird and internationally acclaimed artiste, Tessanne Chin, shared on her Instagram page that she was expecting he first child – expected to be a bouncing baby girl. Great. We even shared a picture that came along with the announcement, which included some adorable pink baby shoes, and – something which apparently piqued the interest of the over 200,000 people who saw the post – Tessanne and a mystery man locking lips in a blurred out background. Most of us men were hurt by that – obviously, but there is a silver lining. The mystery is no more!

Tessanne apparently saw the queries about her mystery fellow, and in usual fashion, dropped a bomb of an announcement – well, more like a revelation, putting all the curious cats to rest. The identity of Ms. Chin’s new boo was revealed to be – Brandon! Just Brandon – that’s all we have on him for now – along with a picture of him! Even without reading the caption, one glance at the posted photo, which, up to last week had over 20,000 likes, it could easily be deduced that this lucky fellow was the man with whom Tessanne had apparently rediscovered love.

She could have easily left us to speculate who the fellow was, but being the kind soul that she is, she blessed us with a somewhat revealing caption. It read: “Brandon and I would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who offered such warm words of encouragement and congratulations over the past few days!!! We are honestly so grateful and blown away by your kindness in our journey to becoming parents for the very first time. All our love and thanks guys!! God bless. Tess and B (AKA @MumAndDad #Cheesin #HappyFriday”.

Just like before, Tessanne’s comment section was littered with people just pouring all sorts of kindness on her and, this time, her new love. There were, expectedly, some other shady comments – directed squarely at Tessnanne’s ex-husband, Michael Cuffe Jr. One such comment was “Michael must be punching the air right now.”

It seemed the picture also raised more questions. One Instagram user asked what was arguably on most of Tessanne’s followers’ minds. “Lemme ask what everybody wanna know. Who is Brandon? Weh him come from? Wa him do for a living?” It’s unlikely Tessanne will answer those questions in another Instagram post, but we’re sure to know those details in due time.

Until then, best wishes to the new and expecting couple!