Barrington FlemmingStaff Reporter

Despite the Trelawny Police cranking up its crime fighting machinery with the implementation of Enhanced Security Measures in recent months, and an all-out drive to nab the parish’s most wanted, the four men listed by the lawmen continue to elude their dragnet.

The men who have been featured on the police’s radar are: Lascelles Wright, otherwise called ‘Byah’ or ‘Stella’, of Tyre district in Trelawny, Rayon Russell of Felicity Road in Montego Bay, St James, Renard Gayle, otherwise called ‘CJ’, of Hague, Trelawny and Nickell Pinnock of West Road, Kingston 12.

Superintendent Kirk Ricketts, Head of the Trelawny Police, said the men who are all armed and dangerous have somehow managed to evade all attempts by the police so far to rope them in.

“Russell is wanted in connection with the murder of an ex -district constable in Falmouth on March 20. We have been making attempts to apprehend him. The last such attempt was all the way in Westmoreland where both Westmoreland and Trelawny police coordinated to go at him but he escaped the dragnet.”

Superintendent Ricketts explained further that: “Another individual, Nickell Pinnock of Kingston, was involved in the murder of Owen Green in Clarks Town, so we are coordinating with police particularly Kingston West, to make arrangements to apprehend him,”he said. “The other two individuals, who are native to Trelawny, at the very least they are still here and we are working with citizens to apprehend them.”


Superintendent Ricketts said the intention is to have the most peaceful resolution to the four matters.“So far none of the four has taken the opportunity to turn themselves in so I want to renew the appeal for them  to come in, they can turn themselves in to various police stations, they can utilize the services of a pastor and of course their attorney and we’ll take it from there,” he said.

Meanwhile, four men from the neighbouring parish of St. James were detained on Tuesday, as the crackdown continues to stave off migratory criminals from invading the parish.

Superintendent Ricketts, said acting on intelligence police team went to a house in a gated community where the men were reportedly staying.

He said it took the lawmen several hours to breach the premises to get to the men who refused to leave the house. 

“They have been detained on reasonable suspicion of lottery scamming and other crimes and would have fled St. James to avoid the dragnet of the State of Emergency there. We have subsequently turned them over to the St. James police, after thorough interviews.  In the meantime, we are investigating to see if they had committed any crime while in our space” he disclosed.