THE CULPRIT: This frog, captured here with the note in its mouth, was one of the culprits who sent the Western Regional Gun Court into a frenzy earlier this week, as many believed they were sent to the courthouse as a result of obeah.

When two frogs, both with sheets of parchment papers in their mouths bearing names on them, showed up in the Western Regional Gun Court on Wednesday, legal proceedings were brought to a halt, giving way to pandemonium, and leaving many to speculate that the frogs were there on witchcraft/obeah duties.

The discovery, which was made by two lawmen around 9:30 a.m. in the courthouse, sent lawyers, as well as other court attendants, hopping, some to avoid frog poop, and others to escape what they believed was a sure sign of witchcraft at work.

While most in attendance were afraid to approach the business-like frogs, the sheets of paper they were carrying in their mouths were carefully and eventually removed, and the writings on them revealed. The notes read: “Jermaine Maris Smith: Judge 1, Judge all.” It was further observed that one frog had one sheet of paper in its mouth, while the other had two.

Though unconfirmed, reports are the name on the sheets of paper is that of an accused person who has a matter in the Gun Court.

Up to yesterday, according to several reports, the frogs were still in the courthouse, despite having the pieces of paper removed from their mouths. Additional information also revealed that the courtroom had been littered with frog waste.