The Security Forces have launched a massive island-wide security operation aimed at reducing the crime and murder rates in a number of police divisions. The targeted areas are sections of Westmoreland, Hanover, St James, Clarendon, St Catherine, and Kingston and St Andrew. These areas will see a large deployment of soldiers and police over the coming days and weeks, conducting targeted raids, vehicle check points, aerial operations, patrols, cordon and searches, snap raids and curfews, in the pursuit of wanted men and high violence producers.

Major Basil Jarrett, Civil Military Cooperation and Media Affairs Officer for the Jamaica Defence Force (JDF), says that the operations are aimed at reducing the level of murder and violent crimes heading into the festive season and breaking and dismantling the gangs and gang activity that have persisted in these communities. “The JDF has committed all available resources and personnel to the fight as we put our support behind the police who are leading the operations,” says Maj. Jarrett, “and we are calling on law-abiding citizens to play their part by calling the various dedicated Tip Lines to give information on known criminal activity.”

The JDF is urging persons to call the JDF Tip Line number at 876-837-8888 to give information on known criminal activity.