Some of the recovered items from the slain gunman in St. Elizabeth

Barrington Flemming
Staff Reporter

  • State of Emergency extended 

In just two weeks since the government’s imposition of a State of Emergency, here are the results: 10 guns so far recovered, over 265 rounds of ammunition seized, a sense of calm restored in the bloodstained St. James, and unconfirmed reports reaching this newsroom that an unidentified male, who was killed in a confrontation with the police, is believed to be a member of the infamous Ratty Gang. He was killed in St. Elizabeth, where members of the gang reportedly fled, as a result of the pressure being applied by the security forces through the State of Emergency, which has now been extended to May 2.

The unidentified male was reportedly a part of a larger contingent of fleeing gunmen, who sought refuge in the rural areas of the country’s Bread Basket. Reports are that they were tracked by a joint police/military team which had been on active duty in the parish of St. James, whose members acted on information provided by residents from the community of Kilmornok in St. Elizabeth, leading to a confrontation with the gunmen.

Upon closer inspection of the slain gunman, an Uzi Sub Machine gun was recovered, as well as two magazines containing thirty-one (31) 9mm rounds. A 9mm Browning pistol was also found.


Meanwhile in St. James, the State of Emergency has yielded some impressive finds. Ten firearms, more than 265 rounds of ammunition, and the apprehension of one wanted man, have been listed among the successes of the now 14-day State of Emergency.

In the latest weapon seizure on Saturday, one AK-47 and several rounds of ammunition were seized during joint police/military operation along the Salt Spring main road at an open lot at about 1:40p.m. Thirty-six rounds of ammunition were also seized.

on Friday, January 26,a modified M16 rifle with three magazines, one of which is a double barrel variant, and an AK-47 rifle and 149 rounds, were seized during a joint police/military operation in Granville.No one was arrested in connection with those seizures.

The police, in the meantime, have included a teenage boy among a list of nine persons who have been charged for various offences.

They are: Owen Waite, otherwise called ‘Oraine’, 19, of Green Dot, Flanker in St. James. He was charged with three counts of wounding with intent.

Twenty-two-year-old Kasheem Lewis, otherwise called ‘Borderline’. He was charged for two counts of murder.

Donald Reid, a 46-year-old taxi-operator, who has been on the run from the police for some time, was caught and charged for rape and buggery.

Kirk Russell, a 43-year-old labourer and Dwain Panton, were charged jointly for robbery with aggravation after they were positively identified in an identification parade.

The other is Billy Myrie, a 41-year-old fisherman, who was charged for murder. He was also pointed out in an identification parade.

Forty-nine-year-old Staiton Clarke and Norman Daley, 59, were both charged for breaches of the Petroleum Act.

The teenager, whose name is being withheld as he is a minor, is charged for murder.

Meanwhile, 24 persons who were arrested in operations carried out between Friday, January 26, and Sunday, January 28, remain in police custody on suspicion of being involved in various crimes committed in Area One.

According to detectives, some of the individuals are suspects in cases of shooting with intent and breaches of the Law Reform (Fraudulent Transactions) (Special Provision) Act. In addition, arrangements are being made for others to face an identification parade.They are suspects in cases of murder, shooting with intent and robbery with aggravation.

Ninety-two persons were detained in the operations, which began on Friday and ended on Sunday. The other 68 persons have since been processed and released.