Heidi-Ann Muth, the slain US teacher

A district constable attached to the Resort Board in Montego Bay is in custody in connection with the death of American retired teacher, 68-year-old Heidi-Ann Muth, whose body was found in the upscale Ironshore community recently.

The Courtesy Corp cop was found in possession of a cloned copy of the murdered woman’s credit card. The officer is now being held in the Barrett Town police lock up pending charges and court appearance. He is likely to be charged soon. He was arrested on Tuesday.

Muth’s death made international headlines when, according to several reports, the retired teacher journeyed to Jamaica to collect lottery winnings. When family members in the US grew suspicious, checks were made, following which local media revealed that Muth’s body was stumbled upon by residents in the Ironshore community on Sunday, September 10. The body was found to have several stab wounds.

Overseas news entities say Muth was lured to Jamaica by lotto scammers.

More details to follow as story develops.