13-year-old Geshan Golaub, who is suspected of dying by suicide.

Noelita Lawrence
Staff Reporter



The words “you cannot go” are reportedly at the heart of an alleged suicide in Chantilly Gardens, Sav-la-Mar, Westmoreland on Saturday, November 4.

The victim is 13-year-old Geshan Golaub, otherwise known as ‘Gesh’, a Second Form student of the Manning’s School.

According to information reaching the Western Mirror the teen was at his home about 2 p.m. on Saturday, when family members observed that he had not been seen in and around the house for a while.

The police report that checks were made and when a family member tried to open the door to his room, it was locked.

It is understood that the family member peeked through the glass area on the door and observed ‘Gesh’ hanging from one of the bed posts with a black belt tied around his neck.

The police say the body was removed from the home and a postmortem is to be carried out.

Unconfirmed reports to this newspaper say the teen had asked his parents to attend the Circus in town but was told he could not go.

Checks with the Manning’s School revealed that grief counsellors were called in to assist students, especially those who were close to the deceased.

A teacher at the institution, who noted that she was not in a position to speak on the matter when the Western Mirror contacted the school, did divulge that the latest incident comes on the heels of another death which took place at the school some weeks ago.

The teacher noted that many of the students, specifically in the lower grades, have been affected by the incidents, hence the grief counselling “was very necessary”.