Lamoye Stoddart

Barrington Flemming
Staff Reporter

Twenty-eight-year-old sales expert, Lamoye Stoddart of Sunvalley Road, Glendevon, Montego Bay, has long harboured thoughts of becoming a physical education teacher and a football coach, but the cruel hands of fate intervened and cut short those dreams when he lost his life in a motor vehicle crash in the vicinity of the Fisherman’s beach along the Howard Cooke Boulevard in Montego Bay on Sunday.
The Montego Bay police reports that shortly after 7p.m. Stoddart was travelling in his white 2010 Honda Stream motor car along the Howard Cooke Boulevard when, he reportedly lost control of the vehicle, which crashed into a tree and burst into flames upon impact.
Stoddart’s grieving mother, Jillian Hyman, who struggled to speak through tears, said it has been heart rending and she is stunned that her firstborn and only son, has been so cruelly snatched from her without realizing his lifelong dream.
“Lamoye is my first born, my only son, my heart is in pain. He was such a loving and helpful person. Once he knows you, he would not pass you and not enquire if you were ‘OK’. It is so difficult to deal with. He Always wanted to be a physical education teacher and football coach and he had serious plans to achieve that, but that is no more now,” she lamented.
Stoddart, who was employed to Centrefield call centre in Montego Bay, has been described as a loving, helpful individual, who was a doting big brother for his 9 year-old sister.
“She has not stopped crying since she heard. She has cried until her eyes are so swollen. He was her only sibling and he was very protective of her. We are really hurting”, explained the distraught mother.


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