Lennox Wallace

Barrington Flemming – Staff Reporter

  • Health dept. calls on food vendors

The St. James Health Department is hoping to have dialogue with vendors selling food in a number of areas deemed as hot spots by the department in a bid to prevent a total shutdown of their operations.

Lennox Wallace, Chief Public Health Inspector said there are some areas that the health department is very concerned about, considering that action was previously taken to address public health breaches in recent times.

“The Clock (Barnett Street) area that the council would have spent so much money on and that is looking so good, is one hot spot area. Another area that we are looking at is at Courts where there are vendors 24 hours, Strand Street near to the taxi park, while another area is in front the Pelican on Gloucester Avenue and that area running from Decameron to Dead End; all areas where people are selling food under less than ideal circumstances,” Wallace pointed out.

Speaking specifically about the Gloucester Avenue area, Mr. Wallace said the corporation had authorized a certain number of persons to vend along the strip, but that number had ballooned.

“We want to meet with you. We will sit as a group, it is not a threat, we want to have dialogue with some of these vendors, some located at Dead End, others located in front of the park at Pelican to ensure that the numbers that the corporation would have authorized you do not see triple the number because it is much easier for compliance than for the health department to be closing down and preventing people from earning.”

Mr. Wallace said the health department should not be seen as there to prosecute and close down, but to protect the safety of citizens and to help those who operate businesses to function within the remit of safety.



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