Saturday, February 27, 2021
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Tag: Ratty Gang

‘Prekeh Boy’ killed

The more than four-year elusive run of one of Jamaica’s most feared gangsters, 25-year-old Delano Wilmot, otherwise called ‘Prekeh Boy’, of Retrieve, Cambridge, St. James, ended on Wednesday morning when he was cut down in a hail of bullets during an exchange of gunfire between him and a police/military team.

Still hunting ‘Prekeh’

Crony killed in dragnet The sigh of relief breathed by residents of the Retrieve and Cambridge communities in St. James was short-lived, as after...

‘Ratty’s’ reign of terror ends

Residents still fearful Ryan ‘Ratty’ Peterkin’s reign of terror in the Cambridge and Retrieve areas of South St. James came to a crashing end...

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