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He thrives on being an inspiration to others and holds aspirations of one day fulfilling his dreams of becoming an Army Security or a Civil Engineer; he is also a supreme lover of the game of Basketball- Giovanni Maldini Bailey is his name.

Born November 17, 1998, exactly a year and a day after Jamaica had historically punched its ticket to the FIFA 1998 World Cup in France, Bailey has the name of a famous football icon, Maldini of Italy, however his sport is the much loved and fast growing in the island, Basketball.

A very temperamental person, Bailey who has spent his entire time a resident of Cornwall Court, revealed to the Western Mirror in his sit down, he has three siblings and is the second child for his parents.

The left hander, a dynamic ball handler and inspirational point guard, and who can produce a telling pass from any angle of the court on his WOW day, started his education at Green Pond Primary from where he earned a place to Cornwall College, through placement from the Grade Six Achievement Test (GSAT).

Bailey, who rules under the Zodiac sign Scorpio, also had a brief stint at Spot Valley High after dropping the red-and-gold of Pleasant Hill based Cornwall College.

A great lover of the sport, a fierce competitor and one who does not like to lose, Bailey has played for several clubs in the Western Basketball League, namely, his hometown team, where he started out, Cornwall Court Chargers and Granville Jaguars.

Bailey, a strong advocator of equality for all, told the Western Mirror that he would like to inspire others “in the reform of how society class people and wealth allocations to try and make livity much improved”.

Now a working class man, Bailey who has seven CXC subjects, says he has been involved in Basketball now for some 20 years. He first started playing the game while a student at Green Pond Primary with Mr. Taylor, the coach at the time.

Bailey, though aggressive on the field of play, has a quiet, unassuming character off it. He says COVID-19 has impacted his life miserably in that it has restricted sports and his development in the game as well as significantly slowed the economy.

A lover of the river, Bailey says away from the game he loves, he enjoys listening to music and playing War Zone, NBA 2K as well as FIFA.


Ques: Cats or dogs?
Ans: Dogs

Ques: Who motivates you?
Ans: My mother, seeing the way how she struggles to make it happen (life being better) for us, me and my siblings, giving it all she has and never complaining, gives me a sense of strength and pushes me to always want to do better

Ques: Do you have a best friend?
Ans: Yes, his name is Lyon, my pitbull dog

Ques: How tall are you?
Ans: 6” tall

Ques: What’s your favorite quote?
Ans: Make it happen and shock everyone, just watch how it can be done

Ques: Do you play or watch any other sport than Basketball?
Ans: Yes, I watch football; I do so because it’s a sport that I use to play before I got introduced to Basketball

Ques: Who is your person to talk sports with?
Ans: Definitely Mr. Rayon Grey ‘Chico’

Ques: Is there a local official that you like to see officiating?
Ans: yes, of course, Miss Virgo, she has a fair side to her refereeing and she is almost always on spot and rarely makes a bad call

Ques: What would you say has been your most memorable match to date as a basketball player?
Ans: Winning the Division One title with Cornwall Court Chargers. I remember leveling the series before going on to take the crown, gaining promotion to the Elite League in the West.

Ques: What’s the most used App on your phone?
Ans: Youtube and Whatsapp

Ques: When you’re playing FIFA which team do you play on and which player do you play as?
Ans: Juventus and I always play as Cristiano Ronaldo

Ques: Who is your favorite team player?
Ans: Wayne Morris

Ques: Which NBA team do you support and who is your favorite star?
Ans: Los Angeles Lakers and my player is Lebron James

Ques: Should the game be on the lie which player would you like to be on the court with you?
Ans: Wayne Morris, Rayon Grey, Franz Clennon and Rayon Gardener

Ques: What is your favorite meal?
Ans: Chicken and rice and BBQ Pizza

Ques: Tea of Coffee?
Ans: None, no tea, no coffee am a juice man

Ques: What is your favorite drink?
Ans: Orange Juice

Ques: What’s your color of choice?
Ans: It’s two actually, red and black

Ques: Do you have a favorite movie?
Ans: Friday

Ques: Is there a favorite book you’ve read?
Ans: Sherlock Holmes

Ques: Which is your preferred venue to play?
Ans: GC Foster College

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