Dwayne Ambusley

Noelita Lawrence-Ricketts

He’s an energetic and talismanic individual, one of the finest Western Jamaica has produced in recent years, and his given name is Dwayne Gregory Ambusley, affectionately known as ‘Stebie’.

Ambusley, coach of the Montego Bay United (MBU) outfit and former outstanding player for the said club, guiding them to two championship crowns, hails from the quiet, close-knitted and remotely unknown community of Dry Hill, Lucea, in the parish of Hanover.

‘Stebie’, an ex-Jamaican international who played two games for the National team against Guyana and Suriname, revealed he’s the fifth child of six for his beloved mother in his sibling pack of six. He attended Lucea Primary and then matriculated to the great Rusea’s High School, before moving on to play for his very first club, Malcolm Heights, representing them at every level, starting at age 10.

Ambusley, who was the captain at the MBU outfit during their imperious run to two titles, also paraded his skills for clubs such as Waterworks Central FC, Juniors, Mount Pelier and the iconic Seba United from North Gully in Montego Bay.

The man with a fine but very effective voice, told the Western Mirror during his sit-down that living a life and being the best person he can and helping others along the way at becoming the best they can, is one of his main and greatest aspirations.

Ambusley, a vibrant midfielder who links plays together, says though he is currently operating in the position, becoming an effective, relevant, very successful coach is his lifelong ambition of a profession.

The creative player and a star attraction in his heydays, Ambusley, says he has been involved in football now for some 30 years, and further share that he was first introduced to the game by his brother, followed by teachers at at Lucea Primary, Mr. McKenzie and Mr.  Williams. “Those two teachers helped me out a lot during my early days.”

Ques: Who motivates you?

Ans: My brother who died 23 years ago. He was the person who always told me I should take football seriously because I was good at it. It proved true. I’ve achieved so much and could have gotten a bit more, but hey, it’s been great

The father of an 11-year-old daughter, Ambusely also said that from as long as he could he remember, he has always been a very vocal player, but added that it was Nerdier Dos Santos of Brazil who encouraged him to get into coaching, “because of the knowledge I have of the game.” That decision, he says, has been good for him.


Ques: Who motivates you?

Ans: My brother who died 23 years ago. He was the person who always told me I should take football seriously because I was good at it. It proved true. I’ve achieved so much and could have gotten a bit more, but hey, it’s been great

Ques: Who is your best friend?

Ans: (smiling) Ahh there are so many, but if I were to pick one, I would have to say Dalton Hylton. We’ve been around and rolling with each other for years, like brothers.

Ques: How tall are you?

Ans: 5’ 8”

Ques: What’s your favourite quote?

Ans: “Form is temporary, class is permanent”

Ques: Who are some on the better players you’ve seen over your time?

Ans: Fabion McCarthy and Jermaine Woozencroft

Ques: Which international player do you love to see play?

Ans: The player I once loved to see play was Xavi Hernandez of Barcelona and Steven Gerrard, but now a days it’s Kevin De Bruyne.

Ques: What is your favourite food?

Ans: Rice and peas with stew pork.

Ques: Do you have a favourite colour?

Ans: Yes, that would definitely have to be yellow and blue.

Ques: What has been the best movie you’ve ever watched?

Ans: ‘The Godfather’

Ques: What’s your all-time best book?

Ans: Raisin in the Sun 

Ques: Do you watch any other sport than football?

Ans: Yes, I watch cricket and I even played Headley Cup back in high school.

Ques: Who is your favourite local official?

Ans: Daneon Parchemnet. He brings a level of professionalism, control and fairness to the game whenever he’s in charge.

Ques: What would you say has been your most memorable game to date?

Ans: The Waterhouse encounter against MoBay United final in the National Premier League, as well as the semi-final between us and Harbour View. During those matches, the team showed character and great resolve, coming from behind on each occasion to win each match and later getting the better of them in the return leg games to advance to our first ever finals… tremendous. We were at our best. 

Ques: What’s the most-used app on your phone?

Ans: That would have to be WhatsApp

Ques: What’s your favourite venue to play in?

Ans: Wespow Park, home of MBU and the Tony Spaulding Sports Complex. The atmosphere at both venues is always good, with the closeness of the fans and the feel you get.

Ques: Who has been some of the solid defenders you’ve seen over the years?

Ans: Ladale Richie, Cordell Simpson and Orlando McBayne. These lads were all solid and good readers of the game.

Ambusley revealed to the Western Mirror that COVID-19 has been wretched for him as it has forced him to the unemployment line for over a year, adding that it’s been really difficult. “It’s not easy to survive, not working and doing what you enjoy the most. It has been really frustrating these last eleven moths. I hope things can get back to normal service real quick.”


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