Two communities in the St. James Southern Constituency- Maroon Town and Mount Carey now have access to free Wi-Fi.

Last week Thursday, free Wi-Fi was officially commissioned into service in the communities and will see well over 1200 citizens benefitting.

This is the third site in St. James Southern where the USF has so far installed free Wi-Fi-the other being Catadupa.

Speaking at the commissioning ceremonies in the communities, Member of Parliament Homer Davis, said he was pleased that through his efforts and with the support of the USF, the technology was being made available in Maroon Town and Mount Carey.

“Today, I am a very proud Member of Parliament for this wonderful constituency – St. James Southern. This is the day that the Lord hath made and today I am very pleased to welcome you here for the official commissioning of this Community Access Point-better known as FREE WI-FI in the Maroon Town community. This is a commitment that I made to the citizens and today I am pleased to say commitment delivered!”

Minister Davis reiterated that upgrading and or bring technology right across St. James southern remains firmly fixed on his list of priorities.

He said the installation of free Wi-Fi in Maroon Town and Mount Carey is a welcome addition to the infrastructure of the communities as it will greatly assist everyone, especially students in their education pursuits.

“I must admit the pride I feel to be participating in this event, which will help immensely in bolstering the value of the people of Maroon Town and Mount Carey and adjoining communities.

The installation of free Wi-Fi is crucial to the development of your community as we work toward putting St. James Southern back on the map as a productive constituency, where citizens remain very ambitious and where our citizens have fully embraced new technologies”, Minister Davis stated.

The St. James Southern MP stated that “access to the internet is paramount especially in our changing world…a world in which we must embrace technology in self and community development and empowerment”.

In issuing a challenge to residents of the communities to take care of the Wi-Fi infrastructure, Minister Davis also implored them to be responsible in their use of the technology.

“Today, I use this platform to encourage you all to use this free Wi-Fi responsibly.

The time has come for us to start using the internet for more than just social media entertainment purposes and instead use it to improve our daily lives and our livelihoods.

We must also be mindful of cyber-security issues, such as hacking, identity theft, cyber bullying, among others and therefore I implore you to use the technology to improve efficiency in how we operate in our personal and professional lives’, Minister Davis said.


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