Anique Daley

• Police seek two in hairdresser’s demise

Barrington FlemmingStaff Reporter

With murders seemingly spiraling out of control in Westmoreland, crime sleuths in that parish are seeking two men whom they believe can assist them in their investigation of the mysterious death of 24-year-old hairdresser, Anique Daley of Old Road, Whithorn, on Sunday.

Daley’s body was seen lying along the roadway about 6 a.m. on Sunday after she left the previous afternoon to have dinner with a friend. Her body, parts of which were bandaged, had numerous bruises and missing teeth.

Kirk Ricketts, Commanding Officer for the Westmoreland Division, told the Western Mirror that while they have interviewed a number of persons and preliminary investigations are progressing smoothly the police are awaiting a post mortem examination to determine the cause of Daley’s death.

“We are interested in having discussions with two individuals we have identified, who might have been around her throughout the course of the evening. So, investigators are now seeking to locate these individuals to have this very important discussion,” Ricketts explained.

Superintendent Rickets further explained that investigations so far revealed that Daley left home on Saturday to attend to a personal engagement in Negril.

“We now know that sometime after that, she went to the Savanna-la-Mar General Public Hospital where she presented with blunt force trauma type injuries. She was examined by a doctor and we understand that she was somewhat reticent, not wanting to reveal how she received the injuries. She said, however, that the injuries were as a result of a motor vehicle collision,” Superintendent Ricketts said.

The police understand that she left the hospital about 2:45 the following morning and her body was found in the front of her yard at about 6 a.m. by relatives.

Superintendent Ricketts says the police will leave no stones unturned to get to the bottom of what led to death of Miss Daley.


However, Daley’s death is but one of two homicides in the parish on that day, the other being that of 41-year-old businessman Lujuane Bruce otherwise called ‘Teto’ of Sheffield.

Reports indicate that Bruce drove his Mercedes Benz SUV to a section of the Nonpareil Road, Negril at about 1:30p.m., when residents reported hearing explosions.

The police were summoned on the arrival of the lawmen, they saw Bruce slumped over the steering wheel of his vehicle with what appeared to be gunshot wounds to the upper body.

He was later transported to the Savanna-la-Mar Hospital where he was pronounced dead.


The deaths of Daley and Bruce follow hot on the heels of Thursday’s murder of 18-year-old Green Island High student, Kehian Pryce, of West End, Negril, who was shot and killed by unknown assailants.

Reports are that about 8:20 p.m. Pryce was seated in a yard under a tree with a male friend when two men rode up on a motorcycle.

The pillion alighted from the motorcycle and brandished a gun and opened fire, hitting Pryce multiple times in the upper body. Pryce ran off and collapsed.

The man then escaped on the awaiting motorcycle.


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