Eight months after an allocation of $60 million was announced by Minister of Local Government and Rural Development, Desmond McKenzie, to commence rehabilitation works on the Charles Gordon Market in Montego Bay, the St. James Municipal Corporation has received a first tranche of $8.1 million.

“We got an allocation from the Equalization Fund, and this is to start major repairs that we have been requesting from the ministry to do the Charles Gordon Market, reported Acting Chief Executive Officer Bryce Grant at last Thursday’s regular council meeting for February. He acknowledged the sum received “as the first tranche in this project.”

No further details were aired, but Minister McKenzie committed the funds on July 9, last year, to improve vending conditions following a market tour. He also said the $60 million would be to start a comprehensive renovation plan for the market.

The plan will be executed on a phased basis and will include improving the condition, fixing the roof, changing out stalls, and addressing some of the prime problems at the facility.

The ministry has also sent $10 million to the municipal corporation for the trucking of water.


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