Lloyd B. Smith


“I am thanking God for my life. I am thanking him because I believe it was divine intervention why I am still alive today.”

Words of a grateful Lloyd B. Smith, Chief Executive Officer of Western Publishers Limited and former Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives after he was attacked and robbed at knife point at a popular plaza along Constant Spring Road in Kingston on Wednesday.

Recounting the ordeal, Smith said he was in Kingston conducting business and decided to stop at a pharmacy to purchase a birthday gift for his daughter., who was celebrating her birthday on Wednesday.

“I made my purchases and when I went back to my vehicle, I tried to make a call, but the phone said ‘No Service’. So, I walked over to the nearby Digicel store to have them check on the phone. I saw two suspicious-looking young men standing close by. I, however, exited the vehicle, walked past them and walked toward the store. It was while my back was turned to them that I felt a jerk and the two boys held me with a knife at my throat and proceeded to pull off my chain, trying to get as much as they could.”

Smith explained that under normal circumstances he would not have retaliated, but this time was different:
“I don’t know what happened but I decided to fight back and they ripped my clothes off. My pants were at my ankles and my phone and wallet were in the pockets, but they did not search them. I put up a hell of a fight crying out for help. A crowd was gathering as I was being battered and body slammed and hit all over. I really fought for my life because I thought that at any moment, they could stab me to death.”

He continued: “They tried to get at my bracelet and tried stabbing me in my head. One of them slapped me viciously and my eye glasses was flung to the floor and the lens flew out.

The ordeal came to an abrupt end when a security guard from the Digicel store came out, and upon seeing him, they ran. The security guard explained that he reached for his firearm. They got away with a part of the chain and a pendant.”

Shaken and bewilderd, Smith retrieved the glasses and the lens
“I am really grateful to God for my life “ he concluded.


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