Crime scene detectives comb the area in Paradise where the Johnson brothers were shot and killed on Monday. KT Photo

Michael Nattoo – Staff Reporter

Even as our security forces continue their thrust to lasso the raging crime beast here in the Wild West, the reputation of the Friendly City continues to crumble with each domestic disagreement escalated to incidences of violent crimes. This time, a family dispute is to be blamed for the death of two brothers in the Paradise Crescent area of Norwood, St. James.

Dead are 26 year-old Patmore Johnson, otherwise called ‘Fruity’, and his brother, 20 year-old Ockran Johnson, otherwise called ‘Wissy Wassy’, both labourers of Loop Road, Paradise Crescent, Albion, St. James.

Details reaching the Western Mirror are that about 8:25 a.m. on Monday, both men were standing, talking to another male, when an argument apparently developed. It is further reported that during that fracas, a gun came into play. Both brothers, Ockran and Patmore, who were shot, ran a short distance, before collapsing in their yard. They were pronounced dead at hospital.

Deputy Superintendent in charge of Area One, Gary McKenzie, in relaying further details on the double murder to the Western Mirror, revealed that preliminary investigations by first responders to the scene of the crime, indicate that the deadly dispute-turned-murder had its genesis the night before. “Family members and bystanders who were on the scene, were pretty candid in describing what led to the brothers’ death,” McKenzie offered. “From the reports of these individuals, along with other findings,” McKenzie continued, “the dispute started sometime last night, and concluded in this tragedy,” the senior officer said. When asked whether or not the shooting may have, in any way, been gang-related, Deputy Superintendent McKenzie explained that from all indications of reports and preliminary detective work, the police have substantial reason to believe that this was a family dispute gone wrong.

The police have identified Oran Dunn, otherwise called ‘Mike’, and Daniel Hallwood, otherwise called ‘Little Chris’/ ‘Chris’, as persons who may be able to assist them with their investigations into the shooting death of these brothers.

Five spent casings were recovered from the scene of the crime.


A few hours later in the same community of Paradise Crescent, in an incident the police have reason to suspect may be related to the earlier shooting death of brothers Ockran and Patmore Johnson, a Taxi Operator of Loop Road, narrowly escaped death, as marauding gunmen opened fire at his premises as he was preparing to pack up and leave. He revealed to detectives that around 2:36 pm, he heard four explosions as he packed, but when he went to investigate, he saw no one outside. He later observed that his kitchen window had been damaged, as well as his counter, resulting in close to 30,000 dollars in damage.

“We are not able to definitively say whether or not this incident is linked to the double murder earlier,” Deputy Superintendent McKenzie explained to the Western Mirror, “but there is evidence to suggest that the two may not be isolated incidents.”

Though the police recovered three 9MM spent casings and one expended bullet, no one was hurt in the incident.


Meanwhile, a major operation conducted on Sunday, July 16, 2017, in the community of Anchovy, St. James, yielded an impressive find of one AK47 and a .38 Revolver, the fruits of a joint effort between the Jamaica Constabulary Force and the Jamaican Defense Force. Several rounds of ammunition were also recovered. This, as the police continue their push to remove illegal guns from the streets, and arrest the growth and influence of criminal elements in these communities. To bolster these efforts, the JCF is continuing its community intervention efforts simultaneously to change the mindset of youngsters within these communities.

Eight persons were taken in as a result of the finds.


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