Jinorri Wilson

Rashaun Stewart – Summer Intern

Hailing from the community of Mount Salem in Montego Bay, Jinorri Wilson has secured eight subjects in this year’s iteration of the Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC). Of those eight subjects, six are grade ones—all with straight A profiles—and two are grade threes. Wilson is somewhat disappointed by the results, but he is grateful that he has passed all his subjects nonetheless.

“I feel appreciative. I am a bit disappointed with the grade threes, but I am still grateful for what God’s will has been for me,” Wilson told the Western Mirror. That level of subdued gratitude is due largely to the breadth of his preparations for the exams and the knowledge that he prepared as assiduously as he was able given the circumstances. He practiced past papers and used the syllabi outlines to fill gaps in his knowledge pertaining to each subject.

“In preparing for the exams, I had the challenge of managing the little time that was available. In sitting the exams, I was faced with the challenge of managing the time allotted, as the first two exams I sat weren’t finished, namely: English A and Mathematics,” Wilson added.

Going forward, Wilson aims to pursue a career in mechanical engineering and enroll at the University of Technology. “My plans involve attending the Sixth Form programme at Cornwall College, in preparation to commence a mechanical engineering course at UTECH. I need to study, practice and work harder, as the academic load will not remain the same or get easier.”

He accredited the results that he obtained to the influence of his sister and father in particular. While other stakeholders contributed to the attainment of the results that he did, those two individuals are the ones who stand out the most in terms of level of investment in his achievements. “My sister Norrielle Wilson and my father Norman Wilson helped me in obtaining the results,” Wilson commented.

Wilson was an avid participant in the Jamaica Combined Cadet Force, Red Cross Youth Link, Prefect Council, Geography Club and the Spanish Club. His engagement in these co-curricular activities came in the wake of wishing to be more than an academic. To that end, he dedicated himself to the cadet core at Cornwall College, spending all five years of his tenure at the institution involved in the activity.

The young man had some words of advice to dispense to students. “Always seek help when in difficult times and seek to help others as well. Life is a circle.”


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