-Releases three new songs

With influences such as Janet Jackson, Missy Elliot, Lady Saw and Rihanna, it is no wonder why SS the Showstopper’s (real name) songs are steadily gaining popularity, even amongst industry skeptics. ‘Don’t Badda’, ‘Nutn Name Free’ and ‘Hot Gyal/Jeren’ can be found across all digital platforms, and sinc ehtier release, have been doing exceptionally well. For the woman behind the music, the budding star —, it comes as no surprise. “I have an aim and determination to be great and with that determination, I will achieve greatness,” —- shared. By all accounts, she’s already well on that path.

Despite only officially beginning her musical career in 2012, McGregor has made quite the impact already. Almost effortlessly, she is unlike anything students of the dancehall game are used to. Her raspy tone, coupled with her penchant for top-notch lyricism, as well as her ability to seamlessly shift between her modes of unabashed female empowerment and risqué performances and songs, McGregor is confident that her niche is already defined, and her ascension to the heights of the musical arena are secured.

It’s no wonder then that the name – SS the Showstopper, so naturally fits McGregor’s dynamic and winning personality. She explains: “I was given that name because of the wow effect that I leave on people when I perform.” And for those who have been fortunate enough to see her throughout the years, they can attest to it – McGregor is, indeed, a showstopper. She is a seamless blend of her influences, and in like fashion, McGregor is standing on the shoulders of those who went before her, while simultaneously busting down the doors to a male-dominated – just like Janet, Lady Saw, Rihanna and Missy Elliot.

That perseverance isn’t the only thing she took from them. All of her influences have ventured into flourishing entrepreneurial pursuits, and so too did McGregor. In fact, she was ahead of that curve even before she went into music. McGregor is an entrepreneur, with her hands in a number of businesses, which, as she explained, are the primary contributors to why most people are only just now learning about her as an artist. She has been busy, but no more can she ignore her musical passions. She aims to reap success, even as she expands into her own as, quite realistically, a local mogul-in-the-making. Those now global icons have all beaten the odds, and she has every reason to believe that she can too.

Now fully invested in music, McGregor has her finger on the pulse – which coincidentally are all things she has championed for most of her days. Mentioned before and echoed throughout her songs, McGregor is passionate about female empowerment, as well as her raunchier sides. What’s more – she knows people will talk, but she is prepared. “I know I will be judged and criticized because it’s a harsh world out there,” she shared, “but I have a goal, and I will reach it.”

McGregor’s journey is already a compelling one, and for those not yet following it, find and follow her on Instagram @ ss_the_showstopper. For bookings, feel free to contact 876-461-6304, or You may also find her on YouTube. You’ll have no regrets. MGN


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