MILLITANT and Tamara Timry Brown

St. James based artiste Chrisneve Whittaker who goes by the stage name MILLITANT has managed to garner a recording / management contract with the Jamaica based record label Paypaz Chasaz Muzic and New York based record label Love Star Music.

Millitant who is from Adelphi Content in the parish, is known for songs such as “Gifted and Chosen” and “ Life Sentence”. He believes that this decision to affix his signature to this contract is something he knows will help to give his career the boost it needs. So he’s quite confident that amidst Covid 19 he will soon become a household name because his management team has the experience needed to turn a dream into reality.

He is currently promoting his single Life Sentence whilst locked in studio working on new projects and is set to release a new single dubbed “Enough” in a few days also produced by his managers.
Millitant’s managers Tamara “Timry” Brown and Mr. Conroy Smith believes that Millitant with his talent and determination will be in the spotlight in a few months as they are creating all that’s necessary to follow through on social media  since more people are now home and glued to the internet.

Brown stated that the journey has just began and the best is yet to come as she is confident that he has the talent and what it takes to gain stardom and become another force to be reckoned with and given the status of another talented and great artiste to come out of St. James.


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