Jamaica Could Become a Powerhouse in the Beauty Industry


International Business Development Executive P. Falasha Harrison believes that Jamaica is sleeping on its potential in the global Beauty and Wellness Industry. That, as a country, we need to carve out a niche supplying natural products to the multi-billion dollar marketplace.

In her address at the media launch of the 4th annual Jamaica International Beauty Expo at Icon Feareview Mall, Montego Bay, on Tuesday, Harrison said that it is time for us to recognize the shifting landscape of the world around us, as traditional boundaries are dissolving and global markets are opening up new possibilities for growth and expansion.

The beauty industry entrepreneur highlighted that the industry is valued at over $500 billion, with natural, organic, and eco-friendly products experiencing unprecedented growth and that as the heartbeat of the Caribbean, Jamaica; can capitalize on this as consumers worldwide are always seeking products that align with their values and prioritize sustainability, health, and well-being.

As a devoted advocate for Jamaica, Harrison challenged Jamaicans and the Ministry of Tourism to focus on the power that lies within our culture and the importance of nurturing and protecting our resources, investing in our people, and ensuring Jamaica remains a thriving and prosperous nation for generations to come.

“By investing in our homegrown talent, embracing eco-friendly practices, and nurturing our unique cultural heritage, we can create a beauty industry that thrives on the world stage. Let us work tirelessly to establish Jamaica as a powerhouse in the beauty and wellness industry.” Harrison lamented.

One of the main pillars of The Jamaica International Beauty Expo (JIBE) is to assist in developing and providing a platform for the growth of the beauty and wellness industry in Jamaica. JIBE Coordinator, Suzette Brown, highlighted that the Expo has and will continue to foster growth on a global scale, as it facilitates exhibitors from the Caribbean, the US, and Nigeria.

The 4th staging of the Jamaica International Beauty Expo, presented by Beauty By Doctors Medical Spa, is set for June 23-25, 2023, at the Montego Bay Convention Centre.

The Expo themed “The Business of Beauty” will showcase different businesses in the beauty and wellness industries and will include panel discussions, demonstrations, and presentations by professionals.


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