Minister without Portfolio in the Ministry of Economic Growth and Job Creation (MEGJC) Sen. Matthew Samuda, and Member of Parliament for Westmoreland Western, Morland Wilson engaged in dialogue at the commissioning ceremony for the Non Pariel, Retirement, and Orange Hill Water Project in Westmoreland yesterday (Thursday, August 25).

Minister without Portfolio in the Ministry of Economic Growth and Job Creation (MEGJC), Sen. Matthew Samuda, said approximately 9,000 persons would receive improved water security from a National Water Commission project that will target the Non-Pariel, Retirement, and Orange Hill region in Westmoreland.

“This approximately $475 million project sees the major communities of Mount Airy, Good Hope, Orange Hill, Retirement, Brighton, Hog Haven, and Whitehall benefitting from a system that is designed to serve up to 9,000 persons,” said Minister Samuda today during the official commissioning ceremony for the water project.

The improved system has the capacity to handle 500,000 gallons per day (2.25 million liters) and is outfitted with two pumping stations, two storage reservoirs, and transmission and distribution pipelines.

Also in attendance at the ceremony were the Member of Parliament for Westmoreland Western, Morland Wilson; Mayor of Savanna-la-Mar and Councillor for Negril Division, Bertel Moore; NWC’s Regional Manager for Westmoreland & Hanover, Jeffrey Smith, and other senior representatives from the NWC and MEGJC.

“The Non-Pariel Water Project illustrates what a unified administration and the citizens of Jamaica can accomplish.

This new system was completed by the Rural Water Supply who was instrumental in the design and implementation, and the National Water Commission operates and maintains the system with the help of the team at the Water Resources Authority,” said Minister Samuda.

Construction of the project commenced in 2018 with the execution of the following contracts:

• A contract for constructing two (2) Pumping Stations at White Hall and Orange Hill.

• Two (2) pipe laying contracts.

• A contract for constructing a 1.1 million litres Concrete Reservoir at Mount Airy.

• The installation of 250,000 litres Bolted Steel Reservoir at Orange Hill (Woodland).

Minister Samuda ended that this water system forms part of the Government’s mandate to ensure citizens have access to potable and reliable water and is one of several projects commissioned in the past few months to achieve this plan.