Fifty-seven cars and one motorcycle have been impounded, more than 300 traffic tickets issued for varying infractions committed by motorists, while illegal service and water have been disconnected as the vaunted Operation Restore Paradise –Public Order Reset imposed by the St. James police reaps early success.

Superintendent Eron Samuels, in charge of Operations for the St. James Police, told the Western Mirror that the 14-day long multi-agency campaign which was implemented. on Monday, August 15, to restore law and order to what has become a wayward city has already begun to restore some of the aesthetics and order in the city. He said the campaign will include the police assisting the Ministry of Health with breaches, electricity theft, water theft, issues of squatting and other matters.

‘So far, we have managed to maintain the clearing of the roads. We are getting some measure of cooperation from the vendors and taxi operators- those who are not cooperating, then we move to enforcement. We have done quite a bit of work with the transport authority; it allows us to have some amount of control as it relates to the transport sector in the city”.

Superintendent Samuels explained that the law officers visited the popular Shoe Market along Creek Street, and the illegal electricity service there, which had the main port, has been disconnected.

He said a similar visit would occur at the People’s Arcade, where reports of similar breaches have occurred. Relating to street vending, he said for the most part the vendors have been cooperating as the police will not be in any cat and mouse game.

“We will not be in a cat and mouse game with the vendors. We identify the areas where they are supposed to vend and we ensure that they abide by the law. If they are licensed and they are where they are supposed to be within the stipulated time then there is no problem.”

Superintendent Samuels also shared that the law enforcers’ efforts would be enhanced by including a mobile surveillance unit based in Sam Sharpe Square.

‘We are working on mobile surveillance unit, a mobile police post which we expect to roll out next week, which will allow us to have a 360-degree view from the bus itself in terms of cameras. We are also expecting to have a meeting on Tuesday with all the major stakeholders so we will be in a better position to organize after the 14 days have ended.”

He said while the JDF is always there with the police, the efforts of the lawmen have been bolstered by the assistance of the Public Safety and Enforcement branch, The Area One Special Operations team, with further help coming from the Mounted Troops next week.