Criminal charges are pending against two licensed firearm holders who, traded bullets in the busy afternoon in Sam Sharpe Square Montego Bay on Tuesday, July 19, following a minor traffic mishap, in an incident reminiscent of scenes from the movie ‘The Wild, Wild West.’

The two men, one a fireman and the other a JUTA tour operator, injured each other in the shooting and were taken to hospital for treatment. Several vehicles also got shot up in the exchange of gunfire carried out in full view of other motorists and pedestrians, some of whom were left traumatized.

Eyewitness accounts indicate that the fireman and a bus driver were involved in a minor collision and were arguing it out in the middle of the road, resulting in a traffic pile-up. The JUTA driver, annoyed by the delay, intervened, demanding they clear the road.

It is further reported that a tussle ensued between the fireman and the JUTA driver, and both drew guns. They were both shot and wounded in the process, after which the wounded fireman, who got shot in the leg, was chased by the JUTA driver, who was shot in the hand, at which point several shots were fired.

The police later arrived on the scene, and the men were taken away for treatment.

The police say a thorough investigation will be carried out into the incident, which caused a major gridlock in the city for hours, with all major roads leading in and out jammed up.