Councillor Caretaker Appeals For Peace


Peoples National Party (PNP) Councillor-Caretaker for the Savanna-la-Mar Division in Westmoreland, Julian Chang, is calling for peace as warring gangsters continue to trade bullets, driving fear among residents despite the imposition of a zone of special operations (ZOSO).

Speaking during the Savanna-la-Mar Divisional conference on Sunday, Chang said that some people left the conference because they saw their enemies.

“There could be many more persons here this evening but they left because of war, war. I’m here to tell you that I want to mend the fences of the warring factions within communities in the Savanna-la-Mar Division.

The Councillor-Caretaker shared: “Some people came and they left because they saw some people that they don’t want to see. River top came, Dester Street came, Harmony Town came, Russia came and twelve Street; but they can’t come together because there is no love.”

Chang noted that several persons gathered at the conference have lost a relative or a friend because of violence within the communities. The PNP supporters responded with a resounding yes when asked if they have lost someone.

The Councillor-Caretaker wants to see residents from warring communities such as Dester, Russia and Harmony Town united in love and stop the bloodletting.

Despite an active zone of special operations (ZOSO) 17-year old Jayre Francis, otherwise called ‘Jay’, of a Ricketts Street address was shot dead in a yard in his community.

In declaring the ZOSO on Sunday, January 16, Prime Minister, Andrew Holness stated: “You cannot fight crime with terror and barbarity. We will pursue criminals, we will overcome this terror; we will do it within the law. The people of Jamaica will see that their police force is there to protect them; they are law officers, and we will always act within the law.”