Bethel Primary School in Hopewell, Hanover recently recognized two veteran teachers, Rose Marie Elliott and Carol Harrison who continue to give high quality and dedicated service to students.

Rose Marie Elliot -Teacher of the Year 2020/2021

Rose Marie Elliot, joined the staff of Bethel Primary School in September 2005 and since then she has made major contributions to the development of the institution. In addition to being a Senior teacher and grade 4 coordinator, Miss Elliott has headed the following committees and teams: Coordinator JCDC -dance/speech and the school has won many medals and certificates under her leadership. She currently serves as Harvest Coordinator, Mr.& Miss Bethel Competition Coordinator, Quiz Coordinator – TVJ Junior Challenge and The Gateway Credit Union.

Under her leadership, Bethel Primary won the Hanover Cooperative Credit Union Quiz Competition four times. Bethel Primary School was the first to win the competition when the Hanover and Montego Bay Cooperative Credit Unions merged and renamed Gateway Credit Union. She is also coordinator for the Students Leaders Committee.

She is an engaging teacher whose students are usually actively involved in creative activities including debates, speech, and drama, and designing artwork of various forms.

Rose Marie Elliott, is a model teacher and one who cares about the holistic development of the students entrusted in her care.

Carol Harrison has been employed at Bethel Primary School since November 1999. She has taught at grades one, three, four and five and currently serves as the grade three coordinator. She is a Senior teacher.

Miss Harrison uses her skills as an interior decorator to beautify both the school’s interior and exterior environments. She is also the school’s Sanitation and Beautification Coordinator. She serves on the following committees:

Fundraising, graduation, literacy, prize giving, appraisal, retirees, and school improvement.

She is a gentle giant who is known for her kindness towards students, purchasing lunch, uniforms, shoes, books, and bags for needy students.

Miss Harrison recently received the Principal’s Award for Leadership, especially due to her sterling contributions and the guidance that she provides to the teachers of grade 3.

The School Board, Principal and staff of Bethel Primary School salute Rose Marie Elliott and Carol Harrison.