Reuben Shaw

While his name may be new to some, the lineage of Reuben Shaw is probably very familiar to many. Shaw has just won over thousands of new Jamaican fans on Instagram with his riveting appearance a few days ago on ER, the award-winning entertainment show on Television Jamaica. His edgy interview covered a range of highlights from acting to dancehall music to hip hop.

Reuben Shaw is the latest arrival on the reggae block with a dual career in music and Hollywood films. He is the first grandchild of reggae & R & B icon Denroy “I’ll Do Anything For You” Morgan. His mother, Janet (Morgan) Shaw, is one of the founders of the reggae Grammy-winning group Morgan Heritage. And many of the uncles on his father’s side like Gramps and Peetah Morgan are group members. His youngest uncle Laza Morgan is the reggae/ hip hop trailblazer that gave the world the smash single “One By One”.