Garvin Carvalho NLR photo

Noelita Lawrence-Ricketts

Unorthodox, unassuming and a stark independent, Garvin Carvalho, speedy and alert on the lines of the football field, as he dashes up and down, is a quiet easy going official, one who speaks with a slight stutter.

Born December 12, 1993 in the once quiet parish of Trelawny, he is a young man with great ambitions of one day becoming a world-rated FIFA badged Assistant Referee.

A former outstanding student of Cedric Titus High School, Carvalho is the fifth child for his parents, Alanana Birthfield and Rickie Carvalho, and has a staggering eleven siblings.

One who loves going to the beach and the river, Carvalho says when he does not have a flag in his hand or a whistle in his mouth, as he is also capable of doing duties in the middle of the park, he enjoys hanging out with friends.

Now operating as a liscened Assistant Referee in the island, Carvalho, who also does Premier League matches, da’Costa Cup, Manning Cup and local parish Leagues, says his dream of becoming an internationally acclaimed official and his attraction to the sport of football started taking shape just after his departure from Cedric Titus, back in 2011.

“I do not just enjoy suiting up and representing myself and the Trelawny FA, being an official is something that brings me real joy”, he said to the Western Mirror. “It has always been my aspiration to move ahead and become a FIFA Assistant Referee, and I believe I will”, a confident sounding Carvalho noted.

Carvalho, who coaches a primary school team when he is not carrying out officiating duties, recanted how he was introduced to officiating by Brenton Scott, who he said at the time told him the Trelawny FA was in need of officials.

Carvalho, told the Western Mirror that since the start of the dreaded worldwide Pandemic he has used the time away from the field and physical training to keep his mind sharp, attending several virtual classes per day and keeping abreast of the continued changes and evolving of the game.

“ There has hardly been an off day, I have to maintain my readiness for when the green light is given for the resumption of play, but it’s not only your body that has to be in shape, our mind must also be, so the classes help me with that aspect”.

He also added that “despite the struggles brought on by the COVID-19, I must give thanks ,I was not really suffering financially as I had the opportunity before to travel and earn, so I had some money to utilize during the freeze”.


Ques: When was your first ever game as an official?
Ans: My first game as a football official came back in 2012
Ques: What is your favorite food?
Ans: I really enjoy eating rice and peas and pork, I love pork
Ques: What’s your favorite drink?
Ans: My drink of choice is blended pineapple
Ques: What is your favorite mode of dress?
Ans: Fashion style
Ques: What is your color of choice?
Abs: As with most men I love the color blue,
Ques: Name a favorite move that you’ve watched?
Ans: Wrong Turn
Ques: What’s your favorite book read?
Ans: War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy
Ques: Who motivates you?
Ans: My motivators are Albert Scott and Delton Brown. These persons are always there for me; they keep me focused and always help me to make the right decisions. They keep me inline
Ques: What is the name of your best friend?
Ans: Davaughn Samuels, we have been friends for some 21 years now, we are from the same community so that’s how and where our friendship started
Ques: How tall are you?
Ans: I stand 6’ 1”
Ques: What is your favorite quote?
Ans: “When you reach the end of your rope, tie a knot in it and hang on- Franklin D.
Ques: Which local Premier League player do you love to see play?
Ans: Portmore United’s Shai-Smith
Ques: Which player is your favorite in the English Premier League?
Ans: Sergio Aguero of Manchester City
Ques: Which team do you support in the English Premier League?

Ans: Definitely Manchester City, their style of football is very easy on the eyes
Ques: Which is your World Cup team?
Ans: Spain, I love a passing game
Ques: Do you watch or play any other sport than football?
Ans: Yes, My first true love in sports was for track and field, so even now I spend time watching it. I don’t know all the schemes and techniques, but I really enjoy watching it. And the best part you can watch it year round, somebody, somewhere, there is always a track meet.
Ques: Who is the local official you love to see in operation on the field?
Ans: I have quite a few.. They are Cardella Samuels, Daneon Parchment, Kevin Morrison and Stephanie Daley Yee Sin. As lead officials they always encourage me whenever I work with them, they keep me operating at a professional level and they always, always want me to succeed and give of my best
Ques: Who is your person to talk sports with?
Ans: Daneon Parchment, he has a very broad scope of the game and can impart his knowledge effectively
Ques: What’s the most used App on your phone?
Ans: WhatsApp definitely
Ques: Which is your favorite venue to officiate?
Ans: The Montego Bay Sports Complex (Catherine Hall)
Ques: What has been your most memorable game to date?
Ans: A Manning Cup encounter between bitter rivals Jamaica College and Kingston College. The contest stands out because it was a crucial semi final and it was my “break-out” year so to speak , so it was crucial that I was operating at my optimum. Thought I did really well in the game, it’s always a game I remember as I was on my toes at all times, never flinched.